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Hey, Sports Fans...

2006-05-12 - 8:55 a.m.

The Mighty Ducks have swept the Colorado Avalanche, and will head for the conference finals.

Since they swept, they could get a week or more of time off while San Jose and Edmonton play.

I remember when the Ducks started in the mid-90s. There were a lot of jokes about the team name and the cartoony logo. IIRC, the then-CEO, Michael Eisner, of the then-owner company, Disney, said something along the lines of "They are the Mighty Ducks unless someone tells me otherwise." He was capitalizing on Disney's movie franchise, of course.

But no one's laughing now.


The last time the Ducks made the Stanley Cup playoffs, they played the New Jersey Blue Devils. They wound up losing, but I remember a series of articles in my local paper. It was about fans that traveled to NJ to support their team.

The NJ fans, according to the articles, were rude and abusive to anyone wearing Ducks paraphernalia. One young fan - seven years old - got a beer dropped on him by a fan on an upper level of the stadium.

At the end of the last game, a member of the Ducks won the MVP for the playoffs. The NJ fans booed him and threw things. The NJ Blue Devil players stopped their celebrations and applauded the MVP. The PLAYERS showed more class than the FANS.

Now I have my issues with some of these sports types. Way back during the NBA lockout in the early 90s, the players actually held a charity all-star game...for THEMSELVES. Evidently some of those young players simply couldn't live on $300k a year.

But whatever happened to good sportsmanship? Amongst the fans AND players?


Be seeing you.


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