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2006-06-06 - 9:38 a.m.

Just read in James Hudnall's blog that Billy Preston has passed. Anyone who's as old as I am knows that Preston was the only artist who received a co-credit on a Beatles single. When Apple released "Get Back" b/w "Don't Let Me Down", the label read "THE BEATLES with Billy Preston", big as life.

Not even Yoko Ono got a credit for when she did a guest vocal on "The Continuing Adventures Of Bungalow Bill". And here's Billy's name, for the world to see.

Billy was more than a session player. He'd had a few hits of his own. One of his biggest was recorded by another artist: "You Are So Beautiful" was rendered by Joe Cocker and became a smash.

I bet John Lennon is telling him now, "Man, it's good to see you. We needed another organ player."


Another keyboard player, Vince Welnick, has also passed. He was the final keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.

But I remember him as a longtime member of The Tubes. I saw them live during the Outside Inside tour, and I remember Vince playing and looking like he was having a ball. He couldn't get out and join vocalist Fee Waybill as Fee cavorted about, but that was okay - he sure looked like he loved what he was doing.

So...if any of you play keyboards, maybe you could play a song that these guys did.

I'm sure they'd've done the same for you.


UPDATE: From Neal Boortz's site comes news of this fine product. No further explanation is needed.

Be seeing you.


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