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Could it be...SATAN??? [Or, "Money (That's What They Want)"]

2006-06-07 - 9:20 a.m.

Hope you all made it through 6/6/06 yesterday.

Just took a quick glance through my newspaper and it looks like there were no evil cults arrested, no vandalism related to the date...nothing.

Maybe they were all out voting.


Speaking of looks like California's Prop. 82 has been defeated. This was the Preschool For All initiative, put forth by Rob Reiner. It would have added a tax to folks making over $400k a year and used the money to start a program for state-run preschools.

I'm glad it failed, and I'll tell you why.

Firstly, California's state tax rates are already amongst the highest in the nation. Folks who make a lot of money also spend it. If the taxes take it away - and if it's substantial - then the "rich" will simply move to a less tax-intensive state, like Nevada. Nevada has NO personal state income tax.

Second, the definition of "rich" keeps getting lower and lower. I remember when "rich" means "millions". Now you're rich if you make $400k? What's next? What if the definition changes to $250k? Or $100k?

Third, there was a study that said something like 66% of kids already attend or did attend preschool. This initiative would have raised that number a whopping 4%.

Fourth, it would have started yet another bureaucracy. We have enough of THAT, thank you. Said bureaucracy would also decide which existing preschools would be eligible for funds. All existing preschools would have to have ACCREDITED LICENSED teachers. Which would, of course, raise the cost of preschool and make it a little more out-of-reach.

Fifth, California is already leaking red ink. Can we please STOP SPENDING before we start something new?

Lastly, the money was supposed to go to this fine cause. Since when have politicians been able to keep their hands to themselves? They took money that was supposed to go to infrastructure and road maintenence and diverted it to pet projects. Now we need repairs and the funds aren't there. So what do they do? Raise taxes.

After all, it's not THEIR money.


Okay. Enough of that. Rant over.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

John - 2006-06-07 15:09:27 -
Nope; not a rant. It's a sensible analysis! -- And I agree 100% !


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