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2006-07-06 - 10:02 a.m.

In my new neighborhood, there's a whole bunch of wild cats. I've seen at least six different ones over the last month. The interesting thing is, they all seem to be getting along. I haven't heard any yowls or cat-fights in the last month, at any hour. So either they've figured something out that humans haven't, or I just sleep REALLY soundly.

There's one that turns up on my back doorstep. He's a nice fluffy grey, but has no interest in making friends. I've sat on the steps and called to him and he just sits in the "frightened" posture (that's the one where the tail is curled completely around the body). He likes to lie on my back doormat. I've talked to him through the screen, but as soon as I get too close, he's gone - either down the back steps or across the landing to the first-floor roof.

Last night, I came home with some late-night groceries to find him sitting at the bottom of the stairs. He took off as soon as I approached. I went inside to open the front door to get some air circulating, turned around...and there he was, at my back door. I had left the back door and screen open, and he was standing there, sniffing the air as if to see what kind of creatures lived here.

The back door connects to the tiny dining area and kitchen, so I left the door open and went into the kitchen to put the groceries away. He stayed there, cautious but curious. I filled a bowl with water, and he stayed there as I carefully set it out. He again sniffed, trying to figure out what was in the bowl. But he didn't approach while I was there. I guess he thought I might protect my "den" if he got too close.

The bowl of water is still there this morning. I'll put some fresh water out in a bit. In this heat, they'll need it. Naturally, dopey me didn't think to get the camera. I might be able to take some pictures this evening. No promises.


I have finally stumped IMdB!! I have found a show that I KNOW existed, confirmed with our own Bindyree. And there is NO LISTING OF IT ON IMdB at all. Not under the principal female actress' name, not under the theme's composer/singer (and he has written one of the best TV themes EVER). Both Lead Actress and Theme Singer have entries. But there's NO MENTION OF THIS SHOW.

The actress' name is Alice Playten. The singer is John Sebastian of "Welcome Back" and Lovin' Spoonful fame.

The show? Well, gee...maybe I shouldn't. After all, I have this really cool secret now...

Ah, what the heck. The show was a kid's program from the 70's called "That's Cat".

Playten played a lady named Alice who had a silent friend named Me. One of the sequences they used to do was called "What's Cat?", where they show things that are "cat", or "nice". Me would have some ice cream, he would offer some to Alice, and she would turn to the camera and say, "Sharing is Cat."

The theme song - at least what I can remember - went:

Hey, punkin
Come along with me
Been thinkin'
'Bout the way we should be
Take a look at this and that
We'll find something that's Cat

That's Cat, that's Cat
It means that you like that
Like an Indian drum or a kiss from your mom
Or something's gettin' under your hat
That's Cat, that's Cat

(lyrics by John Sebastian)

So. Who do I call at IMdb? Do I get a no-prize?


Today's title is a song by Barnes & Barnes...the same guys who did "Fish Heads" ("Fish heads fish heads, roly-poly fish heads, fish heads fish heads, eat them up - yum!"). It's on their second album, "Spazchow".

I don't make this stuff up. I'm not THAT creative.


Today's horoscope for me:

It's time to get some healing done for your psyche and your body. The two are more closely related than you would think. Find ways to address your physical needs through spiritual means.

I have the day off, and the Angels play Oakland. Maybe it's time for another pizza-and-O'Doul's night. seeing you.


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