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2006-07-07 - 9:50 a.m.

Well, last night's game went well...and badly.

Brin learned that the game was being broadcast in the SF area, so we configured the phone lines and watched the game together.


Turns out HER feed was about 3 1/2 seconds faster than mine. So she was ooh-ing and ahh-ing and cheering plays before I got to see them...including the A's final walk-off home run that let them win, 7-5.

But that's okay. We got to talk some, and just hang out. That's what you do at baseball games anyway.

She's coming down here at the end of September, and we have tickets to watch the A's play the Angels at home. We'll get to talk some, and just hang out. Because that's what you do at baseball games.

Other than watch the game, of course.


During the game I also put together a big bookcase I had purchased at IKEA for less than half the regular price. When a pine 8ft tall bookcase that retails for $130 goes on sale for $60 - and the sale lasts as long as the item is in stock, and there's only six left - you leap. And I did. The fun part was fitting the box into the car. But it worked.

Now I have this nice big thing to hold my DVDs:

Yes, it's almost full. Scary, huh?

After the game, I finished watching season three of "NYPD Blue" on DVD. The penultimate episode has Andy Sipowitz going back to the bottle after Andy Jr. is shot to death trying to stop a hold-up in a bar.

Dennis Franz deserved every single award he got for this show. I've seen it several times, and the tears still flow. It's THAT powerful.


News story from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution online tells me that a man fed poison to his own kids.

Why? Simple. He wanted to sue the Campbell Soup Co., claiming tampering.

I'm not making this up. I'm not that creative - or that sick. Here's the link.

Anyone old enough to remember the Tylenol scare? That was the first big tampering story. Some nut was going into stores, opening Tylenol bottles and poisoning the pills, and then putting them back on the shelf. That led to most of the safety measures out there today: plastic wraps around bottles and so forth.

A few years ago some fool tried to sue PepsiCo, saying a syringe had gotten into his soda. There was a news story on how Pepsi is canned: the aluminum shells are rinsed with hot purified water, the soda is put in, and the cans are sealed. The whole process takes literally less than two seconds. Rinse, fill, seal - in something like 1.4 seconds.

If - and I say IF - Campbell's had a problem, it wouldn't have affected just the cans this "dad" fed his kids. It would be all over the place, because the whole batch would be tainted. It would take a major problem with the ingredients...bad mushrooms, say...and it would be happening to more than just one person.

I hope there's a special level of hell for these "parents". Maybe they have to eat Campbell's soup...laced with hot lava. Or - ahem - solid body waste. "Eat shit and LIVE...forever."


My buddy Charlie is flying to Japan today, and he asked me to do the transport. So I get to fight my way through LAX traffic. No problem. seeing you.


2 comments so far

Bob - 2006-07-08 16:15:29 -
What's scarier about your DVD rack is that I recognize some of the titles by the color/pattern of their spine. <> As for Souper Dad, I say we drown him in Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Mmm, mmm.


Bob - 2006-07-08 16:17:31 -
Oh, and the time-lag thing on the baseball game ... Brin was watching from the local area, while your signal had to get squirted into orbit and back down to Anaheim. The Angels' Rex Hudler is one of the color commentary voices on Sony's MLB 06: The Show (Playstation, PSP).


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