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Couple Days Off

2006-07-12 - 11:54 a.m.

Egad. Back again? Thank you for your trust.

Well, a lot has happened in the last few days. Some I won't talk to much about. But I've been feeling logey and sleepy a lot lately. My diet has been very bad, and it's wiping me out.

I'll do better, I promise.


Sunday's Game Night:

This time it was at a lovely home in Irvine, and again I was welcomed with open arms. Devi and Heather were wonderful hosts, and about the only thing that went badly was Devi's attempt to cook Ball Park hot dogs on the grill. There were two separate occasions where they had been forgotten, and subsequently became cylindrical charcoal. Once another player was delegated to watching the grill, all was well.

I wound up learning more new games. I can't remember the titles of all of them, but I remember Lost Cities and Tower Of Babel. Again, everyone was patient about teaching the New Guy.

I only had one awkward moment. There was one instance where Devi, Heather (his wife), another Heather, and I were playing a pirate-themed game. Wife Heather pounded Devi's ship in three separate skirmishes (i.e., she rolled better than he did) and took a lot of hs treasure. Non-Wife Heather teased Devi about "losing to a girl pirate". Before I could stop my ever-loving mouth, I blurted out, "He was distracted by her booty."

Mentally, I cursed myself. But a split-second later, they ALL laughed - heartily and honestly. Dave, like Richie Tozier in It, had Gotten Off A Good One.

And Devi and Heather added on to it, with a few risque comments I won't repeat here. But there was more laughter, so I knew I was pretty safe.

The other cool thing: all of Devi's and Heather's cats - even Dante, who was the most skittish and stand-off-ish of the three - came to me and let me pet them. Dante even let me pick him up and hold him, to Heather's surprise.

I wound up leaving around 11:30pm. There was still a game going on, but most everyone else had left.

Once again, I enjoyed myself without embarrassing myself too much. This is getting to be fun.


The gray cat continues to return. At some point I may get to pet him, too.


I came home last night to the sound of a bird making a strange yet somewhat familiar "chirp-chirp" sound. I couldn't quite place it.

Then it hit me: it was the sound of a car alarm being deactivated.

Well, what else would you expect in SoCal??


And again from the They'll Release ANYTHING On DVD Dept.:

Anyone remember this?

I needed that.


In Honolulu, some restrooms were built near a state park. In 2004, some plaster fell from the roof of the bathroom onto the floor. The state government closed the bathrooms. They are still closed, two years later.

A newspaper asked when they would be re-opened, and they were told that the government was "preparing to survey the situation".

They haven't even LOOKED at the problem in TWO years??

Haven't these people heard of Home Depot or Osh??


Enough for now. Thanks for sticking around.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Bob - 2006-07-13 04:37:45 -
We had a bird in our neighborhood that learned the full out car alarm ... tweet-tweet-tweet-whoop-whoop. Amazing. >> Which pirate-themed game were you playing? The one where you collect the little ships, or something else?


Old Dave - 2006-07-18 04:57:58 -
It was called "Dread Pirate".


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