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2006-07-17 - 10:01 a.m.

Another weekend passed. Hope yours was pleasant. Mine was...interesting.

Had a couple of interesting conversations. Got yelled at by a customer who thought that I shouldn't warn a child that, if a video game is turned off, he shouldn't put tokens in it because the game wasn't working. My point simply was that, if the boy took five seconds to look, he could save himself a little grief and hassle.

Evidently, common sense...isn't.


Cindy Sheehan is trying to fast while traveling. In a blog entry, she says it's difficult because the closest thing she can find to a smoothie is "coffee with some ice cream in it". She also mentions that there "isn't a Jamba Juice on every corner". Reporter Michelle Malkin has a viedo report here.

I didn't know ice cream and smoothies were permitted during a fast. Don't smoothies have fruit in them? And isn't


Speaking of ice cream, there's two ice cream trucks patrolling my neighborhood. One plays "It's A Small World" and the other plays "Music Box Dancer".

Those two songs do not blend well. Trust me.


Just as we suspected! The government wants to keep us stupid!

Given some of the folks out there - come on, you know at least a few - this should come as no surprise.


The Final Frontier of the Star Trek franchise is finally coming to DVD.

Fine. So where's Ellery Queen??


Onward to my day. Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Brin - 2006-07-17 13:16:31 -
Poor Cindy Sheehan. EVERYTHING with useable calories in it is FOOD. This means everything but plain water, and maybe plain coffee and plain tea. Smoothies and Jamba Juice are FOOD. Ensure is FOOD. Not eating for one day and then 'passing it on' is not the same as a HUNGER STRIKE. Why are people buying into this crap?


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