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2006-08-07 - 9:48 a.m.

Well, here it is...Monday. And I didn't post over the weekend, but I sorely wanted to. I was just too darn tired.

Friday night, I haul the drums to the bar and start setting up. I didn't get there as early as I'd wanted to but, with help from Rocky the guitar player, I actually get things almost completely set up - drums, PA system, bass player's amp, all the wiring - all in about 25 minutes. Then I go to set up my mic...and I can't find it. Or my stick bag.

I figure that I left them at home. I live very close by - about five to seven minutes driving. I figure I can go grab them while Bob is setting up and still make it in time for the 9pm start.

I zip home and start looking in the obvious places. No luck.

I start looking in the INOBVIOUS places. Still no luck.

I'm in full panic mode now. And my phone rings. The bass player calls and says HE'S running late. I tell him what's going on, and he leaves me alone to focus on my search...for about 30 seconds. Then he calls to tell me that he has a couple drumsticks and an extra mic. Since it's now 8:55 and we're supposed to start at 9, I give up and head back to the car.

Then I have a minor brainstorm. I call Rocky and ask him to ask the owner of the bar if maybe, just maybe, I had left them in the bar the previous Saturday, and they had been stashed somewhere. Sure enough, the owner had put them in the office and had forgotten to tell me. When I was there setting up, she talked to me for several seconds, well past a basic hi-how-are-you...and she forgot to tell me.

I heave a huge sigh of relief and get there just in time to finish setting up. We start at 9:10, but we just shave five minutes off both breaks. We make it through.

But she could have TOLD me and saved me the heart attack.


It gets better.

Saturday morning, I get to work and find out that a brand new, parts-still-in-the-boxes video game has been delivered to Camelot. No problem, that's happened before. The trouble is, this game is HUGE: not one but TWO big-screen television monitors, a platform for the two guns, two speakers that get mounted on TOP of the big screens, a marquee (title sign) on top of the get the idea.

So. Where to install this monster?

Well, one of the Dance Dance Revolution games - one of the ones I had disassembled and moved a couple weeks before - has developed motherboard problems. So the manager tells me to disassemble it AGAIN and set up the new game in its place.

Then the kicker: "They never told me that they were delivering the new game. If I'd known, I'd've moved the DDR myself."

To quote a cartoon character from somewhere: "Why doesn't somebody TELL me these things???"

Well, it was an actual quiet Saturday, so I was able to grab two other employees to help. We got the DDR taken apart and moved, and the new game set up - all in about three hours. This despite the fact that this new game - the super-deluxe, two big-screen, brand-spanking new, hothotHOT unit - did not come with an instruction manual for assembly. We had to freaking GUESS how to assemble this beast.

But DAMN, it looks good. And, of course, once it was assembled I HAD to play it. Just to make sure everything's working, of course.

The game? Time Crisis 4.


This is a bit dry, but if you're interested it's a good read. I present The Basic Laws Of Human Stupidity.


From the Ouch! Department:

Check out this video of a Japanese TV show. You have to say a tongue twister right, or...well, you'll see.


Well, I have lots to do today before work.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Brin - 2006-08-07 17:14:56 -
Ow ow ow oww! You'd have to be NUTS to go on that show!


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