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The Stroke

2006-08-08 - 10:23 a.m.

So I come home last night...and a neighbor has parked his car across the door to my garage.

I think I know who it was: one of the downstairs folk. I have heard rumors about them taking advantage of everything and everybody, all the way down to giving out keys to our complex's laundry room to their friends.

There were no lights on, so I didn't pound on their door. I instead used the space my roommate usually takes. I got up at about 6:30, and saw that the car was gone. So I put mine away, and went back to bed.

Ya know, I try to be a good neighbor. I try to be considerate of others. I've lived in apartments on several occasions, and I do my best not to play the music too loud, have too many people over too late, etc.

But when I come home at 1 am, I'm not interested in looking for a parking space.

So I'll ask the downstairs guy if it was his. If it is, I'll explain all of this - nicely.

If it happens again, I WILL pound on his door, 1 am or not.

If it continues past then, I'll have it towed.

There IS such a thing as being TOO nice.


The World's Oldest Party Guy is still kicking, it seems:

LOS ANGELES (AP) Hugh Hefner says he's doing just fine. "I've never felt better," the 80-year-old Hefner told The Associated Press when asked Monday about a report he was in ill health.

A newspaper gossip item said Monday the Playboy empire founder had a mini-stroke. But Playboy spokesman Rob Hilburger insisted the report was "completely untrue." Then Hefner got on the phone with assurances he was OK.

"We had a lingerie party Saturday night and I went up a little early because (girlfriend) Holly (Madison) had a cold. I am in very good health," Hefner said.

Hefner hosted his "Midsummer Night's Dream" party at the mansion Saturday night and a movie-night gathering the following night, Hilburger said.

Guests at the Saturday party included Luke and Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Johnny Knoxville and Jimmy Kimmel, Hilburger said.

There had been times where I wanted to attend one of those parties. Not to get laid, really. But just to say I'd seen the Mansion. And, hopefully, meet a couple Playmates who helped me through puberty.

Granted, they'd be in their late 40s/early 50's by now. But one did some new shots about three years ago, and she has stayed in fabulous shape.

Now, some of you may think Playboy is the root of all the sexual evil out there. But it served its purpose: to help bachelors out there see what the "good life" can be like, and to strive for it. Remember, Playboy always was more than just pictures. There was investigative journalism, some funny funny cartoons, and of course the Playboy Interview.

For my money it was one of the classiest of the "nudie" magazines. If you wanted Chateaubriand, you got Playboy. If you wanted prime rib, you got Penthouse. If you wanted hamburger, you got Hustler.

Something for every taste.


From the Coming Soon On DVD Dept.:

Volume 5 of Speed Racer is on its way. This is the last of the stand-alone DVDs of the anime series that arguably, with Astro Boy and Kimba, started it all.

I loved this series as a kid. Sometimes now it's a bit painful to watch - mostly the REALLY bad character names for the bad guys - but I'm glad it's here. The episode "Race Around The World" was always fun to watch and, of course, it was the last episodes made. So I've had to wait for this last DVD to be able to see it.

Go, Speed Racer, GO!


From the I Saw This In Another Blog Dept.:

From James Hudnall's blog comes a link to some inspirational posters based on Star Trek. Most are from TOS, but a couple are from the movies.

I like the one for Amanda on page two. C'mon, you always knew it was true...


Done for today. Be well, and please be respectful of other's parking spaces.

Be seeing you.


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