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2006-08-11 - 10:28 a.m.

Well, the airlines have made it a bit easier to travel. As our own Bindyree reports, electronics are still allowed in carry-ons.

I understand her relief - would YOU trust luggage handlers with your laptop? And if you have your cell phone on you, it's easier to call those who are picking you up if there's a delay.

As for gels/liquids/etc. ... we're talking about shipping a CARE package of stuff she uses down here. I'll keep it safe, she can use them when she visits, and when she goes home I'll put them away again.

You know, I'm wondering if a doctor's note will help in some circumstances. If you absolutely HAVE to have water (say, if you're diabetic), you should be able to get a doctor's note that will let you carry a bottle of Aquafina. I've taken sealed bottles of water to an Angels game before. No trouble at all. Maybe that's all it would take: the bottles of whatever would have to be brand new, factory seal-intact, never-been-opened product. All that means is, you can't decant a small amount into your own bottle. Would that be such a burden? Especially if you don't fly that much?

Otherwise, I smell a possible lawsuit brewing. "I get terrible headaches when I fly. I must have my Advil. I'm going to sue the airline for...[Dr. Evil] hundred billion dollars!! [/Dr. Evil]"

Where's Monk when you need him?


Speaking of security:

From Neal Boortz' website comes the following report:

The Brits have identified 19 of the Islamic terrorists who had been plotting to blow up as many as ten airliners over the Atlantic ocean. Let's see now: What do we have here! Why ... and I hope you're sitting down here, because this is certainly very shocking --- every one of the 19 people who have been arrested thus far were men. They were all younger men, anywhere from 17 to 35 years old. Oh ... and every one of them had a Muslim name.

Many of these terrorists were British born. British citizens. Most of these are believed to be children of Pakistani immigrants. So, there's that European problem with Muslim immigration raising its ugly head again. Reports are that two of these bums were converts to Islam.

What else stands out here? Well, there were no 78-year-old blue-haired grannies on the list. There were no families traveling with children. There were no young mothers with children in tow.

I think he's got a point. This doesn't mean that all males 17-35 with a Muslim name are potential hijackers. But ALL of those identified in the 9/11 hijackings fit that profile. Doesn't that warrant at least a closer look?

Somewhere there's an article about the links of a whole bunch of terrorist incidents. I'll have to look for it.

UPDATE: Brin found it...naturally, because it was in her blog that I saw it in the first place. Here's the link.

Something to think about, huh?


I have another game day coming up. I hope to learn some new games, play a few old favorites...and a new one.

Be seeing you...if I haven't totally offended you with the above commentary.


2 comments so far

Bob - 2006-08-11 16:11:08 -
Boortz jumped the gun ... AP is now reporting that of the 24 suspects arrested, one is 'reportedly' a young woman with a child. The article also now mentions a peroxide-based solution - and the sports drink/mystery gel talk is gone.


Dave - 2006-08-12 05:37:05 -
Well, that item was posted before 9am. I'm sure that more info was released since Boortz' original post. As of the time of that post, 19 had been identified. I don't think it's "jumping the gun" to say how many had been identified up to that point...and, up to that point, all that HAD been identified fit the parameters given. And, of course, the rules re gels and such may have changed since the original post.


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