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Hello, Goodbye

2006-08-26 - 10:43 a.m.

Hello again.

No post on Friday, but a post on Saturday? Yes, it's odd. But the reason is simple. I went in to work yesterday morning to deal with a warranty repair problem. Since I've been going in at 4pm during the summer, I don't always get a chance to deal with companies in regards to any parts we need to order or any problems we may be having.

Such was the case on Thursday: I got an e-mail from one such manufacturer about a warranty repair. They wanted my phone number so they could discuss the problem with me. Well, after I sent it, they called me and tried to give me instructions on how to fix the problem. Trouble was, I wasn't even at work yet...and by the time I would be, they'd be closed (the tech was in Indiana).

So...on Friday - my day off - I go in to work and make calls. They guy I spoke to on Thursday afternoon had the day off. I was assured someone would call me within an hour. Ninety minutes later, I get a call from a different tech who knows nothing about our problem. . I explain to the new guy what's going on. He says he'll get back to me in half an hour. ONE hour later, he calls. I perform some tests, and we determine that it's a problem with the monitor...which is what our REGULAR game tech (who knows FAR more about such things) had already diagnosed. But at least we got the ball rolling on getting a new circuit board to solve the problem.

So I was on the phone for about thirty minutes...and I stood around waiting for over two hours. My boss, God love him, told me to put in for the entire time period. So I got paid for all three hours.

What does this have to do with me not posting on Friday? Simple. I (probably) suffer from sleep apnea. As a result of that - and because I tend to stay up far later than is good for me - I try to get as much rest as possible. So instead of getting up early and doing my usual morning stuff before going in to work to deal with this...I slept in.

Today, I actually have a Saturday off. So I'm awake and doing my usual weekday morning stuff. And at 1:10pm, the Angels play the Yankees. I'll be watching the game this afternoon on between laundry loads.


I learned yesterday that we lost two musicians who made huge impacts.

Maynard Ferguson was a jazz trumpeter who is probably best known for his recording of "Gonna Fly Now (Theme From 'ROCKY')". But he also was a player who worked on the sountrack for "The Ten Commandments", and whose own orchestra helped launch the careers of such jazz greats as Chick Corea and Chuck Mangione. He died from complications due to an abdominal infection. He was 78.

The other was a fellow drummer named Bruce Gary. Gary worked with such greats as George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, and many others.

But his drums also added the signature sound to a certain band's first hit in 1979. This song was the breakthrough hit for this California group. It was played so much that, even today, most folks either love it or hate it.

The song? Guess.

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma claimed Gary at 54.


From the Seen Elsewhere Dept.:

Somebody call MacGyver!


That's it for today. Be seeing you.


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