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A Day In The Life

2006-08-28 - 1:05 p.m.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was punctuated by news - good, great, and not-so-good.

The not-so-good first: I didn't sleep too well last night. This morning I woke up at nine AM, got the paper, settled into the armchair...and fell asleep during the comics. Woke up at ten-something, switched to the editorials...and fell asleep again. Here it is past noon, and I'm STILL sleepy. Oh, and the Angels lost to the Yankees yesterday, 11-8. But it was 11-4 going into the bottom of the 8th, so it wasn't like they didn't give it a good try at a comeback.

And, as of this writing, the Angels are the ONLY team since 1996 to have a winning record against the Yankees (55-52). So there.

The good news: As far as my work is concerned, summer is over - we go back to "winter" hours, starting tonight. Which means we close at 11pm, instead of midnight. Fine by me.

The great news: the Blood From Where It's Not Supposed To Be seems to either have abated completely, or it's so diluted I couldn't see any. Which means the Cipro did its job. I still have to take it for another week or so, but the worst seems to be over, thank God.


In the Dumb Question Dept.:

Why is it, in the Swanson's Hungry Man Mexican Feast, there's a freaking DUNCAN HINES CHOCOLATE BROWNIE FOR DESSERT?? Being of Mexican descent myself, I had no idea that the brownie was now, culturally, "ours".

I mean, come on...flan I could understand, but a BROWNIE??



Speaking of Kermit...

During the early part of the evening, my watching of "The Muppet Show" on DVD was punctuated by a vehicle alarm going off. Constantly.

Some idiot parked a big pickup - kinda like a Ford F-350 - a ways down the alley. At first, it was only when Disneyland's fireworks went off, and then only by the shock waves:

BOOM! Whoop! BOOM! Whoop! BOOM! Whoop! BOOM! Whoop!...and so on.

Then, it started going off over and over...for its full one-minute cycle. Then it would stop...chirp loudly a couple times...and go off AGAIN for its full cycle. It was about as subtle as The Great Gonzo. ("Tonight, dear patrons of the arts, I will with this sledgehammer, demolish this vintage automobile to the music of 'The Anvil Chorus'! After which, I will eat the crankcase a capella!!") [Yes, that's really from the show. Episode 3, guest starring Joel Grey.]

This went on for about an hour, off and on. Finally, I heard at last the chirpchirpchirp of someone deactivating the alarm.

I'm glad the owner finally dealt with it. If it had still been going on by the time Charlie and Ai Vy got home, it would have been towed. Charlie has no patience for that kind of idiot.


Well, since I have to be at work earlier now... seeing you.


3 comments so far

Brin - 2006-08-28 16:10:24 -
Re: El Brownie, Well, you being of Mexican derivation should know that the word for the color brown is "Marron". So there. :-) I'm glad you're feeling better.


artgnome - 2006-08-28 16:12:26 -
I'm with you, flan is grand. And Gonzo is a God of a performance artist! chickens...anyone? :)


Dave - 2006-08-28 17:20:44 -
Brin: Ya know...I never thought of that. :)


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