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2006-08-29 - 12:38 p.m.

Yesterday was a day of beginnings...and not just for me.


At about 8:30pm, a male customer comes up to one of my employees. He plans to propose to his girlfriend. He wants a favor: he'd like us to stash the engagement ring with our redemption prizes so he can "buy" it with tickets and propose right at the case.

My employee is delighted to oblige. He explains the situation to me when I return to the counter, and indicates who the guy is. I of course am just as willing to go along.

About ten minutes later, the couple - and their friends - come up with tickets. I direct them to our counting machines (you feed in the tickets, and the machine counts them and prints a receipt - makes it SO much easier on us counter types). The guy and his girl come up to select their prizes while their friends hang back. The guy is noticibly nervous, so I smile and give him a reassuring thumbs-up. He grins back - he knows he's got us on his side.

After his girl picks out some lip gloss, the guy saunters over to the el cheapo prizes and selects the "insect ring", which usually is a plastic bug mounted on a ring. My employee reaches into the bin...and pulls out the ring box and hands it to the guy. The guy turns to his girl, drops to one knee, opens the box...and proposes. I couldn't hear the words, but I caught "happiest man in the world" and "be my wife".

Her reply? "Omigawd...YES!"

Applause from us, his friends, and about a dozen customers who were in the area. Some other folk looked around to see what was happening. I said three words: "She said yes!" MORE applause. Handshakes and hugs all around, even to us at the counter from the happy couple.

The group decides to play golf, so I used my Manager's Perogative and comped their game. And I spent the rest of the night with a goofy grin on my face.


In the Set Your TiVo If You Must Dept.:

That show I've been taping, "Off The Wall", finally has its broadcast slot. Starting September 9th, it will be on Saturdays at 7pm on the local cable channel.

Now the entire local area can watch me make a fool of myself. Oh's happened before.


In the More Medical News Dept.:

Remember I mentioned my sleep apnea? Well, I have an appointment to pick up a machine to sleep with. This first one - I think - will analyze my sleep patterns. Downside: I have to pick it up at the hospital at 8am SUNDAY morning. So after two gig nights, I'll have gotten maybe a total of ten hours of sleep over two days.

But that's okay. I'll just go to work, get off at 2, go home...and give the machine a LOT of sleep data.

I know, I know - why not make a later appointment? Because the next available one was LATE September. I don't feel like waiting any longer to fix this. I've waited long enough as it is.


So yesterday was a day of beginnings.

I hope anything YOU begin will be as pleasant.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

aliannmil - 2006-08-30 07:04:48 -
I knew it was you when I clicked but I was surprised to see that it wasn't the you I'm used to. Too much Brin for just one site? Now I have twice as much to enjoy. Thanks.


Dave - 2006-08-30 14:14:44 -
This isn't Brin. She's just my best friend and an occasional topic, like I'm an occasional topic in HER blog. Thanks for playing! :)


Brin - 2006-08-30 14:20:08 -
Dave asked me to design and maintain his Diary until he got the hang of things. I used my template. It's not me! He's a real person with his own ideas, honest he is. Besides -- if I were going to pretend to be somebody else, why on earth would I use an identical template? Give me enough credit to at least create a different enough 'disguise' if I was going to do a separate Diary! :-P


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