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Morning Has Broken

2006-09-05 - 11:19 a.m.

My alarm is set for 7am. I have to deliver my sleep-measuring thingie back to the hospital before 10am (or they charge me for the unit...or they charge me an additional $10/hr rent), and I have a doctor's appointment ten miles away at 9am.

I hit the snooze once. It's eight minutes, and I figure if I leave early enough I can get breakfast on top of everything else.

At 7:10 the phone rings. You guessed it - my doctor took the day off, so everyone got canceled. Now, with no more of a sense of urgency, I reset the alarm for 8:30 or so.

I wake up, dress, and go to drop off the unit. I then get gas, and go to the post office...where the remote for my car alarm dies. I'd known the battery was failing; I just was never in a position to do anything about it. But near the post office is a watch place, with a window banner showing that they change batteries. My remote uses a watch battery. So I go to the door...which is locked.

I visit with the kittens in the pet store next door for a bit. I try the door on the half-hour - still locked. But someone in the back hears me, and she lets me in. Seems they keep the door locked for security purposes...but then she leaves it unlocked and wide open while I'm there. I guess that I'm not a threat.

She takes the remote into the back, where a tech changes the battery. Ten minutes and $5 after walking in, I walk out. After a visit to the ATM, I head back home...where I'll probably catch a nap.

Such was my morning so far.


Yesterday was officially the last day of summer at my work.

Most of the high schools start today, and the ones who don't start on Thursday.

Now I can spend some time in laser tag, getting repairs done.

Fine by me.


So the #2 al-Qaeda guy has been captured in Iraq, and a terror plot has been foiled in Denmark.

We are making advances. But remember - this is an enemy that wants to either convert us or kill us. And they think that, if they die in this jihad, they get rewards in heaven. So they see it as a win-win either way.

We know that God has a sense of humor. I'd love it if they indeed got 72 virgins - MALE virgins.


Onward to the nap...after I turn on the fan. It's been climbing back up into the 90s.

Be seeing you.


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