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The Air That I Breathe

2006-09-28 - 8:32 a.m.

So yesterday I go to the sleep clinic and get the CPAP machine for my apnea.

(Brief medical info: sleep apnea is when a person stops breathing several times a night. The blood and brain don't get enough oxygen, so you're tired a lot, you toss and turn, and - usually - you snore BIG big time. Weight usually is a factor, but not always. More information is here. When I did the testing earlier this month, my AHI was 75.4 - and anything over 30 is considered severe.)

They also give me the tubing and the mask. Yes, I get to wear a nose mask that holds the tubing on my face, and I probably will for the rest of my life. Maybe at some point I'll post a picture or two. But not yet.

Now, the CPAP pumps air into my nose to keep the oxygen level up. It pumps slowly until I sleep, then increases the pressure. My body has to learn to breathe through my nose when I sleep now, and this is how:

If I open my mouth while this thing is on, it feels like I'm suffocating.

No lie. I woke up twice and lifted it off my nose and breathed through my mouth a couple of times, just to get some air.

Now, I have no doubt that, once I'm used to it, it will work as intended. I just need to get used to it.

This is another test machine, with a memory card. I take it back this morning, and I'm supposed to be getting a phone call in a couple weeks telling me that my own personal CPAP is ready to be picked up and paid for.

Cost for the machine, with tubing and mask? About $130. Insurance pays some of it, but I will have a co-pay.

If it helps me sleep, it's worth it. And more.

(Disclaimer: don't go by my experiences to determine if you or your "sleep partner" [as Kaiser puts it] have sleep apnea. Get your [or their] fanny to a doctor. Be sure and be safe.)


This afternoon, our own Bindyree is coming for a visit. I have been trying to tidy up, but more work is needed. Later tonight, we'll go to Angels stadium to watch the Angels play the A's.

On Tuesday, the Angels were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, and the A's have clinched their division. So - in that sense - this game is meaningless.

But to me, it isn't. For a couple reasons.

Tim Salmon is ending his career after this year. He's one home run away from 300. He's a huge fan favorite, and I hope he makes that last one.

But the more important reason is, I get to spend face-to-face time with my best friend...something we don't get a lot of. Sure we talk on the phone frequently. But it's not the same.

And it's her first time EVER watching real live baseball in a stadium seat. We gotta get her a hot dog.

There are times when being a big kid is really cool.


Okay. I have lots to do, and as of post time Brin will be here in about five hours. There will be posting while she's here. I just may not have much to say. You know how it is when company's here.

Be seeing you.


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