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2006-09-29 - 11:15 a.m.

Well, it was a day yesterday.

I swung by the hospital to return the CPAP. The tech downloaded the information from the smart-card, and within five minutes I had my results.

Remember yesterday when I said my AHI was 75.4? I used this thing for one night...and my AHI dropped to 5.6.

That's not a typo. My AHI went down 93%. On one night.

In a couple weeks I'll get my own unit. The only problem I had was getting used to breathing in a new way...and the tech said that was normal. So what I'll do is sleep upright in my armchair for the first week, and get used to the mask and the air pressure. Then I'll move to the bed.

That's the plan. I'll keep you all appraised.


Then I went down to the airport and picked up Brin.

This was the first time she used checked-in luggage. Usually she flies with just a carry-on, but the amount of stuff she needed this time has grown. Her concern was how much longer it would take to get through it all and find it on the carousel. It added about 15 minutes. She decided she could live with that.

We grabbed some dinner at Spoon's and took a quick nap before the baseball game.


It was to be her first pro baseball game, in an actual stadium.

Angels Stadium is a lovely place. It starts out with two huge metal baseball caps outside the entrance, complete with size tags (size 649 1/2). The sign looks like it's being held up by baseball bats that are balanced on balls. There are huge pictures of key players hanging up everywhere. And it is always clean.

We found our seats fairly quickly and settled in. The game was somewhat uneventful for the first half. A's outfielder Milton Bradley threw yet another temper tantrum and got tossed. There was no score until the sixth.

But the crowd came alive every time Angel Tim Salmon went to bat (he was the DH). This is Salmon's last season, and he's one of those rare players who have stayed with one franchise his entire career. And by all reports, he's one of the leading givers and off-field good-guys in Angels history. (He's known for donating seats for needy kids - ONE HUNDRED TICKETS at a time. Over the years he's bought almost 300,000 tickets. The area where those kids sit is nicknamed the Fish Bowl.)

Salmon also had 299 home runs, and everyone was cheering for him to hit that 300th. Sadly, he didn't. But boy, was everybody hoping for it.

Anyway, the food hawkers ignored our area, so I got up in the top of the seventh to get us some hot dogs. A live baseball game isn't a live baseball game without a hot dog, after all. So I was at the concession stand when Angels catcher Mike Napoli belted a solo home run to make it 2-0, which was the final score.

Nothing too impressive happens in the game until I go to the concession stand to feed a hungry woman. Geez, what are the odds??

After the game, we came back to my apartment and watched some local news until we both called it a night. Brin had gotten about two hours of sleep in the last couple days, so she took the bed and I took the armchair.

And that was that.


Today we're going to do some shopping, and I'm going to show her the game store that I posted about here. Then another nap before we go to the club and I take the stage.

So...onward to the day.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

liz - 2006-10-02 08:49:28 -
I love Angel stadium. My first ever baseball game was at Angel stadium -- I think I was about 6. I saw a great Rolling Stones show there in 1978...yup, fond memories.


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