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2006-10-02 - 11:00 a.m.

Well, Brin's visit is almost over. As much as I enjoy her visits, I'm looking forward to getting my bedroom back. Due to her medical requirements - and it just being a "female thing" - she brings three big pieces of luggage and a big purse for a four-day visit. This also entails unpacking upon arrival, spreading everything out on the bed and arranging it for ease of handling...and then retrieving everything and putting it all back into the cases.

But then, she uses the bed when she's here, so she doesn't sleep unless the bed is clear.

I just make sure she doesn't put anything into the armchair, so I at least have a place to sleep.


Sunday night, we ate at a Chinese place here called New World Buffet. Imagine Home Town, but with almost all Chinese dishes.

So we're getting our last platefuls, and a gentleman is putting out some newly-filled food trays. I asked him why they didn't serve won ton soup anymore. He immediately offered to make me some. I profusely thanked him, and said I didn't want any; I just wanted to know why it wasn't served anymore.

Five minutes later, he delivers a BIG bowl of won ton soup to our table.

Well, we wound up eating about half of it, on top of our dinners. Well, what were we supposed to do - leave that bowl sitting there, after they went to the trouble of making it? How insulting would THAT be? We subsequently rolled out of the restaurant and headed to Target to get Brin a new purse (her old one split a seam - no surprise, considering the size of the kitchen sink she keeps in there).

As we leave the Target, Brin says, "Want to go to Wendy's and get a frostie?" I swear, she's fattening me up to slaughter me. We wound up getting one...about three hours later, after digesting some of dinner.

"It's only...waffer-thin..."


Well, we're gonna get some breakfast and then take her to the airport. I just have to wait until she finishes packing. It should only be another two hours.


Ouch. Okay, ten minutes.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

ehays - 2006-10-03 00:15:58 -
wafer-thin! rotflmao!!!! Gawd, I miss that movie. Now I have to go watch it again!


Brin - 2006-10-03 01:59:47 -
Hey, Old Buddy! Thanks again for being such a gracious host.


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