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Welcome Back

2006-10-04 - 9:47 a.m.

Hello again. Welcome back.

Well, there was no entry yesterday. I got up very early to pick up my reserved copy of The Little Mermaid.

Go ahead and laugh. I enjoy the movie. I liked it when it was in the theatres, I bought the videotape, and now I have it on DVD. I did the same thing with Space Jam, Aladdin, and Starship Troopers.

But one of the local stores had a limited edition film frame. There were only 50, and even if you reserved the DVD it was first-come-first-served. Why not get the premium? I did THAT with Team America: World Police.

Besides, I got there early enough to walk for 30 minutes and get my daily exercise.

So I came home and flopped for awhile before heading off to work. Such was my day yesterday. (No, I haven't looked at the movie yet. There are several movies I've bought and haven't watched. One day, I'll pull an armchair-potato thing [since I don't have a couch] and watch some of them.)

But thanks for coming back.


On Sunday, the Angels lost their last game in extra innings, and Tim Salmon didn't get his 300th home run of his career. As previously mentioned, this was his last season. He's retiring from the game. He missed most of the 2005 season due to injuries, and he's had a few health problems this year too.

I hope the Angels front office finds a spot in THEIR line-up for him. He's just too good a guy to let go.


Speaking of the Angel's front office...

A few days ago I wrote about Brin's and my trip to the stadium to watch the game. When I went to write it up the next day, I wanted to include the size of the big hats out front. I wanted to be accurate, and I didn't remember the exact number. Well, someone at the stadium would know, right?

So I called. The person who answered didn't know, so they transferred me to Ticket Sales...who didn't know. So I was transferred to Marketing...who didn't know. (And HTF could Marketing NOT know??? Wouldn't that be part of promoting? I actually asked the person, "You DO work at the stadium, right? You HAVE seen those hats?" She laughed and said yes, but she just never noticed the size number.)

So I was transferred to Communications...who had to send a runner out to the front to look and see.

It took about five minutes and all those people before I finally found my answer. Brin was laughing her head off at the fact that they didn't have the answer at their fingertips.

But then, I'm about the only one who actually knows what games we have at our arcade, and where they are on the floor. If someone calls and asks if we have something, I get called to the phone. Just last Sunday, someone called and asked if we had Asteroids, Tapper, and Paperboy. I was the only one who had the answer...which is yes, kind of (we have the tamer Root Beer Tapper), and no.

Then again, we have over 150 games, and they change frequently. I don't think those huge baseball caps move.


Enough for now. There's things to get done. Thanks for returning.

Be seeing you.


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