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2006-10-12 - 12:34 p.m.

First off, congratulations to our own Bindyree and her husband John on fifteen years of marriage... which in California is a freaking miracle.

Here's to fifteen more.


Things continue to be quiet here. As previously mentioned yesterday, I may go in to work for a little while. There are things that didn't get done, due to circumstances beyond my control, so I need to take care of them. Probably only take an hour or so. And I can also walk the parking lot for my exercise.

Otherwise, today will be a laundry day. It's been a week since I attempted to do laundry...and that ended with the infamous "skivvie festival". This time, I'm going to the laundromat. Again, it costs about a dollar more (mostly for drying time), but it only takes an 1 1/2 hours as opposed to all day.

And there's a small Chinese restaurant next to the 'mat that serves a REALLY good kung pao chicken.

Tonight? Housecleaning and some videos, I think. We'll see what my brain comes up with. Or maybe I'll go out and spend some money.

Days off. Gotta love 'em.


Bad time to be a sports fan.

Corey Lidle died in a plane crash in New York that brought back the spectre of 9/11. Investigators are still trying to find out what went wrong. Love, peace, and best wishes to his family, teammates, fans and well as the folks who were killed when the plane crashed into the apartment building.

Reports are that Lidle was a fun-loving guy whose main passions were pitching and flying. He was on his way to California to visit friends, and escape the attacks from the New York media that came from the Yankees' elimination in the playoffs. He had a flight instructor with him, and was looking forward to the off-season.

On the other side, Indiana Pacers player Stephen Jackson entered a plea of not guilty on a charge of criminal recklessness due to a bar altercation...and he was already on probation from the infamous basket-brawl two years ago.

Minor rant here:

There have been several incidents lately involving sports figures and fights in bars/strip clubs. In bars, people tend to drink too much and get rowdy...and sometimes violent (I work in a bar. I've seen it.). Fights can break out, and people do get arrested. But the players, because they are professional athletes, get their names and pictures in the papers and embarrass themselves and their organizations.

You'd think by now the players would learn not to go into bars to do their drinking. Socializing? Fine. Do it at someone's home, where you can drink and have a couch to crash on, instead of a freeway. Want to watch a stripper? Hire one. Don't tell me they don't have enough money. Their wives wouldn't approve of a stripper? Then why go to a strip club in the first place...other than the obvious example?

Hey, they can do what they want. This is still America. But when they get arrested for being stupid, they have no right to whine. Especially when they're already on probation for violent acts.

End of rant. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Side note:

Today's title is from the Traveling Wilburys.

Come on, Warner Bros.: re-release them on CD, already!!


Well, onward to the day: the laundromat and lunch, then work and the armchair.

Be well, all.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bindyree - 2006-10-12 15:42:17 -
Thank you, Old Buddy! Love you much, and we appreciate the good wishes. See you again soon!


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