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2006-11-09 - 10:13 a.m.

Had another quiet night with the CPAP. I was wiped out last night, and headed straight to bed after the replay of South Park. I set up, went to sleep...and had another 7 1/2 hour jump-cut. No dreams, no waking up. Sleeping straight through. When I wake, I'm not yawning.

I had been so exhausted I'd fall asleep WHILE PLAYING DRUMS ONSTAGE. That's how bad it was.

There's only been one minor difficulty. My mask goes over my nose. The first night after use, I developed an acne problem on either side of my nose where the mask rests. It was one of those where it's all oil and you can't pop it. My skin got so saturated with oil that it DID pop and leak.

The one on the right side is almost gone. I have a scab on the left side that is healing, and is also almost drained. There's no pain when the mask is on - the seal is soft and comfortable.

I called the tech at the store where I got my machine and found that this is actually common. He said that it usually happened with people who have very oily skin, which I do (I expect Chevron to call any time to tell me they've secured drilling rights to my face). His suggestion was to wash my face thoroughly before bed, and to clean the mask and tubing every morning. Easy enough - the cleaning involves soaking both in a sink of warm water and Dawn for 15 minutes, and then hanging them up to dry.

I have slept better in the last three nights than I have in months, probably years.


From the Seen Elsewhere Dept. and the You Gotta Be Kidding Me Dept.:

Watch this.

And remember, this is a college graduate.


Day off today. More laundry, and a trip to the game store. I have a gift to buy for an old friend.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

le-fart - 2006-11-09 13:54:37 -
Is that gift gonna include...a picture???


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