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2006-11-10 - 9:25 a.m.

Got it all done last night, with a minor panic.

The item I was looking for wasn't on display at the store. Since the person-in-question's birthday is fast approaching, I was afraid they'd have to order it and it wouldn't arrive in time.

Turns out it was hidden behind another, similar item.

Mischief managed.


Speaking of Harry Potter, I'm rereading all the novels. I'm about a quarter of the way through Goblet Of Fire, shortly before Dumbledore announces the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

I'm really looking forward to the last novel, which should be out next summer.

J. K. Rowling says there's one question that no one seemed to be asking, and she says it's an important one:

How did Dumbledore get James Potter's Invisibility Cloak? We know he had it, because he gave it to Harry in the first book. But how did Dumbledore get ahold of it in the first place?


I'm also re-watching the first season of 24.

I only got to 9:00pm last time I tried to finish it. This time I WILL find out how it ended.

And FINALLY this came out...and, since I waited till Friday, it's on sale.

Oh boy oh boy!


The drunk frat boys in "Borat" are suing to have their images removed. They evidently got drunk, made a lot of racist chauvanistic comments to the Borat character, and then signed movie releases.

The article says that they were told that the "documentary" they would be in wasn't going to be shown in the United States. Now, think about this. They knew they would be filmed. And, with the "knowledge" that it would be shown outside the US, they decided to act in a stupid and foolish manner...evidently forgetting that, right now, America isn't all that popular abroad. So rather than show what Americans can really be like, they decided to talk about things like how slavery should never have been abolished.

Their lawsuit says that the movie "made plaintiffs the object of ridicule, humiliation, mental anguish and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community".

Seems to me, IMHO, that the movie didn't do it.

They managed to do it all by themselves.


From the Not Again Dept:

Evidently, yesterday's fool wasn't the only one. Here's another. Thanks to roomie Charlie for sending this link.

And here's a different take on Weird Al's palindromic tune "Bob". I think they should have used Garfield at the end, but what do I know?


Today I'm going to try to finish 24.

Then I'll try to catch a nap before the band gig. This is my first time to play since I got the CPAP. I'm hoping folks will notice.

Be seeing you.


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