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2006-11-13 - 12:23 p.m.

A fairly quiet weekend here, quiet I don't have much to write about. The big event, if you could call it that, was the bad news that a friend had passed away.

Now, before you flip out too much ("A friend dies and it's a QUIET weekend??"), let me explain. A long long time ago - about twenty years, to be exact - I sang at a friend's wedding. (Many years later, I married her, but that's another story.) At the reception, a lady named Janice came up and told me that I had a wonderful voice and had brought her to tears. I was really shy at that time and, since this had been my first time doing this, I was flattered and a little embarrassed. She said, "There's this guy I want you to meet. Here's my phone number. Can you meet us at this place next Friday at 9?" I agreed.

The place turned out to be a local bar. The "guy" turned out to be Bob Chance. Yep - Janice was the one who introduced me to the man I've been singing with for the last nineteen years.

Well, a couple years later Janice and her daughter Tina moved out of the area. They would show up - wherever we were playing - about every other year for a visit, and that was the only time I ever saw them. I hadn't seen either of them in at least six years.

Saturday night, Tina came in. She had the news that Janice had passed away on Friday from a heart attack. Bob, Tina and I commiserated for awhile. Then she went into the audience and Bob and I went to work.

So she was a friend, but a long-lost-touch-with type. I don't know a better term than that. She has passed out of my life quite awhile before, but her presence in my life altered it tremendously.

You may have someone like that in your life. A friend. A teacher. A former Significant Other.

You might want to track them down and say thank you. I wish I had.


Sunday was a game night, so I was able to play and relax. Fun was had, along with too much junk food. I learned to play two new games and kick back with friends.

Quiet and relaxing.

Then I went home, got online and visited with Brin, and played a sneaky joke on her. Got her good, too. Here's her write-up.

I know. I'm evil sometimes.


This morning, I checked my usual internet haunts and found The World's Smallest Political Quiz on Neal Boortz' site (that link is on the left side of your screen).

See where YOU are on the political map.


I guess I had more to write about than I thought.

But it's starting to get late in the day, and I need food and a shower...not necessarily in that order.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Brin - 2006-11-13 15:30:52 -
Yeah, you caught me completely flat-footed. But it was FUNNY. Thanks, Old Buddy, for never being derogatory with your humor.


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