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2006-11-16 - 10:18 a.m.

I watched the season finale of South Park last night.

As much as I enjoy the show, this one was an incoherent mess.

The basic goings-on:

  • Stan's bike gets towed away, and to get it back from the impound yard he has to coach a pee-wee hockey team
  • One of the kids has cancer, so there's the win-one-for-him pressure
  • an opposing coach, also a kid, is one of those gung-ho, win-at-any-cost types (although his players can't play any better than Stan's)
  • Stan's dad Randy has bad flashbacks of Stan's last pee-wee hockey game (Stan didn't break the tie due to a weak shot at an open goal)

And to top it all off, the city official (the one Stan made the deal with) keeps showing up and doing Don La Fontaine impressions - and bad ones, at that - using a record player (with a REAL album and tone arm) for the background music.

The team gets invited to play at Pepsi Center at intermission of an Redwings-Avalanche game, and the pressure's on to win for the sick kid. But the other pee-wee team doesn't show, so the Avalanche say that the kids can play the Redwings. And the grown men treat the kids like adult players - by checking them HARD, slamming the puck, stomping faces, etc. Blood all over, and all from the kids. And THEN, if that weren't enough, the Redwings celebrate like they won the Stanley Cup with all the little kids lying bloody and moaning all over the ice. Oh yeah, and toss in a couple of VERY tasteless jokes about Steve Irwin's death.

It was a mishmash, there wasn't a whole lot of humor, and Stan just basically got crapped on the whole show.

Now, this season has had some VERY funny moments; matter of fact, the World Of Warcraft episode reruns next Wednesday. And let's face it, there's lousy episodes in any series. One of my least favorites in South Park canon is the "Woodland Critter Christmas", where all the animals worship Satan and are trying to give birth to the Antichrist. Kyle does his best to stop them. It turns out to be a fairy-tale made up by Cartman, just so he can rip on Kyle (the last words of the story are "And they all lived happily ever after...except for Kyle, who died of AIDS two weeks later.")

But this one was just...bad. I just sat there thinking, "What was the point?"

I'm hoping that this one was just an aberration, a mistake.

And there IS some good news. Season 9 is due on DVD in March, and the "Trapped In The Closet" episode is due to be included.


This afternoon we film the interview portions of episode 4 of "Off The Wall".

And again, my cell phone will be turned off.

So, for now... seeing you.


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