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Waiting For The Day

2006-11-17 - 11:00 a.m.

Today the Playstation 3 came out. People lined up at stores all over the nation to get at the limited supply.

People got hurt trying to get a coveted spot. People got ROBBED and SHOT in line. Fights broke out. And a politician tried to jump the line and get one before they went on sale.

See, once again, this proves how old and uncool I am to these kids. I don't give a shit about the PS3. The last game console system I got was the original NES...and I still have it. It's hooked up to the TV in my living room. I don't care about having the newest hottest toy the second it comes out. I've never even waited in line to see a movie on opening day. I figure if I want to buy something or see a movie, I'll go when I can...AFTER the insanity. I have, on occasion, bought a DVD the day it comes out. But usually I wait until the store is open.

I want to see the new James Bond film. But I'll most likely wait for a couple weeks. Same goes for the Harry Potter novel - when it comes out, I'll go to the store when they open at a reasonable hour.

And when it comes to game consoles, I'm REALLY uncool. So it's got cool graphics and awesome games. I'm still not gonna pay hundreds of dollars for the system, and then pay $50-75 dollars PER GAME. Not a chance.


I was going through a bunch of text files and found this. Considering what's happening with the guy these days, I thought I'd share.


I did not kill my lovely wife.
I did not slash her with a knife.
I did not bonk her on the head.
I did not know that she was dead.

I stayed at home that fateful night.
I took a cab, then took a flight.
The bag I had was just for me.
My bag! My bag! Hey, leave it be.

When I came home I had a gash.
My hand was cut from broken glass.
I cut my hand on broken glass.
A broken glass did cause that gash.

I have nothing, nothing to hide.
My friend, he took me for a ride.

"Did you take this person's life?
Did you do it with a knife?"

I did not do it with a knife.
I did not, could not, kill my wife.
I did not do this awful crime.
I could not, would not, anytime.

"Did you hit her from above?
Did you drop this bloody glove?"

I did not hit her from above.
I cannot even wear that glove.
I did not do it with a knife.
I did not, could not, kill my wife.
I did not do this awful crime.
I could not, would not, anytime.

And now I'm free, I can return
To my house for which I yearn.
And to my family whom I love.
Hey now I'm free -- Give back my glove!!


Oh, and speaking of cutting...

Nice to know Lorena Bobbitt is keeping busy.


So much for all that.

Be seeing you.


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