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A Room Of Our Own

2006-11-28 - 11:31 a.m.

Something funny happened to me at work on Sunday, and it's just too good not to share.

We had a little Latino boy who had lost his father. It doesn't happen too often, but I can understand the fear - Camelot is an exciting place to a child, but it's also a BIG place, and sometimes kids get distracted and wander away. Then they look around at all these big tall people...and none of them are THEIRS.

This little guy, though, was very calm. No crying, no panic.

So I hoisted him up onto the counter so I could hear him. I asked if he knew his name.

"Uh huh."

Me: "Okay, good. What's you're name?"

Him: "Chuy." (pronounced like the Wookiee's nickname)

Me: "Good. Now, do you know your last name?"

Him: "Uh uh." (shake of head)

Now, this is not a major problem. I went to Plan B.

Me: " you know your dad's name?"

Him: "Uh huh!"

Me: "Great! What's your dad's name?"

Him: "Papi."

Now I know how George Burns felt. Well, I can't say he's lying to me.

One of the other supervisors picked him up and walked him around the arcade, and found his parents. So it all worked out.


This morning, I was trying to reconfoogle the furniture in my room to allow for two end tables to be moved in. I moved the bed into a new configuration, did some measuring, and decided that there just wasn't going to be enough room.

Unfortunately, the bed blocked the cell phone, so I couldn't reach it when I got my good-morning ping from Brin. I had to climb over the bed - currently strewn with debris from the floor - and try not to hurt myself to reach the phone.

Memo to self - keep cell phone nearby at all times. Just be aware that, if you call me, you may hear a flush.


Well, winter is hitting here in So Cal. Evening temeratures have dropped into the 50's. It's a welcome change from the broiling summer we had. I've had to dig out my sweats from the bottom of the drawer, and my slippers are on my stockinged feet.

And I'm STILL cold. Time to bundle up.


Well, not much else happening here. Brin is coming down for another visit, so I have cleaning to do.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Bob - 2006-11-28 14:36:41 -
Bah! Uphill both ways in the snow! It's been in the 30's the past few nights here in the North Bay. Right now, it's only 48 degrees.


Brin - 2006-11-28 20:26:35 -
Bob, you forgot to add 'naked, with snipped Achilles tendons.'


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