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Bad Boys

2006-12-06 - 10:29 a.m.

Boy, what a story to wake up to...about a kid who woke up way too late:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- One of the teenagers responsible for beating a Holly Hill homeless man to death asked a judge to reduce his 22-year prison sentence Monday. Warren Messner and three other teens pled guilty to killing the man because they were bored, but Messner said prison is too hard.

Messner is a big boy. He was 15 at the time he was brought into the woods to see the homeless man his friends had been beating. Even at that young age, he outweighed the victim, Michael Roberts, by 200 pounds when he jumped on his chest, crushing his ribcage. Roberts died.

"Did you feel bad when you are doing it?" Messner was asked during questioning.

"Not really, no," he replied.

He didn't feel bad then, but he does now. He has been in juvenile detention for eight months, locked in a small cell and occasionally allowed to go to class.

Messner and his attorney said he has already learned his lesson and is ready to go home to help others.

"I want to be an inspirational speaker for troubled teens," he said Monday.

Messner got the lightest sentence of the four boys. Teens Jeffrey Spurgeon, Justin Stearns and Christopher Scamahorn got 27 to 35 years. They all cut plea deals to avoid life in prison.

The state attorney said that's as much leniency as they should get and the judge agreed.

"I can't think of some reason to change the sentence. I'm going to deny the motion," said the Hon. Joseph Will.

Messner's parents broke down at the denial. His mother said it's unfair, that her son fell in with a bad crowd and prison is killing him.

"He's not getting the mental health, the schooling. He's not getting anything, anything but locked in a cell all day long," Lori Messner said.

The judge and the state both argued that being deprived services and being locked away is precisely the point of prison. Warren Messner will spend the next 22 years in prison without the chance for parole.

Remember, this is a kid who killed a man, who didn't feel bad about it. And now he wants out because prison is "too hard"? Boo-frickin'-hoo.

And his mom says it's unfair? Where was she when he had the chance to know right from wrong?


Here's another article from the Wall Street Journal about the six Imam situation. Excellent points are made.

9/11 changed many things. We need to remember that.


And, on the "lighter" side, Jennifer and Vince have broken up.

Gee, I wonder if she'd be interested in an overweight and generally silly bar-band drummer...


Well, Brin and I are going to catch some lunch before she goes to Bob's to record.

Be seeing you.


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