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The Show Must Go On

2006-12-12 - 11:28 a.m.

Well, here's something interesting. Seems the six Imams are suing US Airways for their "ordeal" and want an out-of-court settlement. Looks like all of their outrage over the supposedly anti-Muslim actions of the airport officials and the flight crew will all go away - for a price.

Let's see. They were praying loudly in an airport, disrupting operations and disturbing other passengers. They shouted "Allahu Akbar" loudly and often...which were that last words heard on the cockpit recorder of United 93. They had six seats reserved together, but scattered throughout the plane once they entered. Some had one-way tickets with no luggage at all. A few got seatbelt extensions and did not use them. A passenger who spoke Arabic overheard them making pro-bin Laden statements and violent anti-American statements. All of this led the passengers to feel threatened. The pilot and crew felt the safety of the flight was at risk, and they did their jobs - they removed the risk. Within a few hours, there was a press conference in Washington, DC - quite a ways from Minneapolis - where representatives from MAS were demanding an apology.

And now, they want a payout. Sorry, to me this all smells like a set-up. It's entirely possible that this was planned out, just to extort money from airlines.

If US Airways caves, look for this scene to be reenacted in airports all over America.

Because that show WILL go on.


If you jump over to here, episodes 2 and 3 have been posted...including the infamous cell phone interruption.

Episode #4 is being edited as we, type. I'll let you know when that one goes up.


Speaking of cell phones, the hinge on mine cracked badly last night. I need to go to Verizon and see if I can upgrade for a reasonable price. I'm about due to do that anyway. And cell phone prices have gone down while technology has gone up.

The drag is, I'll have to download (and pay for) my games, ringtones, and wallpapers again.

Dem's da berries.

The curtain is rising. The show is starting.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2006-12-12 14:33:16 -
RIP Infamous Cell Phone!


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