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2006-12-22 - 12:44 p.m.

Slept in today. Was up pretty late and didn't have anything much to do today. But the work called, and by answering a couple questions they got my brain functioning. Turned on the TV and found that a Doctor Who marathon is going on right now on SciFi. This is the series featuring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

I'd never seen any of these. SciFi used to rerun the Christopher Eccleston eps on Sunday night, so I did get to see them eventually. Now, though...they only run Friday evenings, when I'm at the bar. And I don't have a working VCR at the moment.

Now I know what I want for Christmas.


Like most folks, I listen to Christmas music at this time of year.

UNlike most folks, THIS is what I listen to.


My Christmas shopping is done. While I was at the post office, a passerby smiled and wished me a Happy Hanukkah.

Now, I'm not Jewish. I don't celebrate Hanukkah. It occurred to me I could be offended. Some folks would be. Instead, I chose to accept the greeting in the spirit it was offered. I wished him a Merry Christmas.

Wonder what would happen if we simply CHOSE not to be offended...

Just something to think about.


Well, tomorrow I work. Tomorrow night I go in for a recording session with Bob.

My post for Christmas Eve is already written. I'll upload it before I go to work.

Till then.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2006-12-22 16:09:05 -
Good point! As human beings, we can make a conscious choice not to be offended at things, and, if need be, to accept things we can't change. It's a pity that so few people realize this. I'm glad you're one of the enlightened ones, though!


Bob - 2006-12-23 06:06:33 -
There simply shouldn't be all this political or religious baggage attached to a sincere greeting of 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Hannukah.' Wishing someone 'Happy Holidays' shouldn't be a question of trying not to offend, but equally welcome, as the word holiday derives from 'holy day'. For folks to get their knickers in a twist because Wal-Mart employees aren't saying 'Christmas' is silly - it's not like Wal-Mart is a house of worship.


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