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So Long, It's Been Good To Know You

2006-12-30 - 9:25 a.m.

Egad. A Saturday post? Yes, indeed - the band has the night off, so I am working the evening shift at Camelot. So I actually have an opportunity to post this morning.


So. It is done. Saddam Hussein is now dead.

It came rather suddenly here. I logged onto the computer at about 5:30pm, and found the news story saying the execution was going to happen within 90 minutes. Brin and I snapped on CNN and stuck to it until 7:10, when it was announced that it had happened ten minutes earlier.

We subsequently went to the bar and let folks know. No one had any idea it had happened - in fact, several did not believe us. Then they tuned in to Fox News, and found out that it was true.

Since Brin was sitting in the audience, she got to pay more attention to the news footage. She said that, in the video of his last moments, he looked resigned to his fate, like he knew he was going to hell.

Well, where else is he gonna go? Detroit? (And before anyone flips, that's a line from here.)

At least, as of this writing, Abe Vigoba is still alive.


Saddam will most likely get an unmarked grave, to prevent vandalism and grave robbers.

Gerald Ford, on the other hand, is getting full honors. Right now his body is being transported to St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, CA, where it will lie in state for a couple days before being transported to Washington, DC...where it will lie in state before being transferred to its final resting place.

I don't remember much of Ford's presidency. From the news reports, much was made of his pardoning of Nixon for the Watergate crimes. He was described as a fairly "normal" guy - even in the White House, he often made his own breakfast and got the morning paper in his robe - who was kind of what we needed at the time, after the flamboyance of the Nixon presidency.

I did notice that, unlike other former presidents, he never made it a point to criticize the sitting President. He pretty much kept out of the public life once he was out of office.

And now, for the last time, he's back in the limelight.


Well, Brin and I went to Ikea and got a few organization items.

Today we go to Home Depot. We'll see if we can keep from spending EVERYTHING.

Be seeing you.


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