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2007-01-04 - 11:06 a.m.

Didn't sleep too well last night. Oh, I was tired from work - since school is out, business is booming - but with this cold, my sinuses are clogging up at the worst time. I woke up at about 6am to find I had actually taken my CPAP mask off sometime during the night.

Here's the mask I use. There are two side clips that have to be popped off for the mask to be removed, unless you can tear Velcro. So I got up, blew my nose, put the mask back on, and went back to sleep.

Until the phone rang. It was a work-related call, asking about something I had ordered. That did it. I was up and awake and nothing I did helped from there.

I'll probably sack out early tonight and try to catch up. Shouldn't be too tough.


Today I get to brave the court system and file for the divorce to be made permanent. My soon-to-be-ex said she would file the papers the day that the six-month time ran out. That was a month ago, and I've received no notice.

It's entirely possible she did that, and it got lost in the mail. It won't hurt to go and find out, and file the papers if she didn't.

Then I have to get to the post office and pick up a couple things I got on eBay. More books, but good ones.

Also at some point I need to go to a Guitar Center and see about getting my crash cymbal stand repaired. It's as tight as I can get it, but the shaft rotates as I hit the cymbal. So suddenly, instead of the cymbal being angled at me, it's turned and is facing Bob...and he sits in FRONT of me.

And I need to fit lunch in there somewhere. Not in the cymbal stand, of course...unless I'm drinking Ensure (which may be pretty soon, at this rate).

So a full day, but I'm in no hurry.


Column in yesterday's paper by one of my favorite local reporters describes the new anti-"trunking" law. It seems that "trunking" - riding in someone's car trunk - is becoming popular again, and not just to sneak into the few remaining drive-ins. Remember that law that says teenagers can't drive if there are other teenagers in the car and no responsible adult? Simple - your buddy rides in the trunk and the cops are none the wiser.

Never mind that if the car is rear-ended you're pretty much going to be sent home in a shoebox. Remember, teenagers are invincible, and know far better than us old fogeys. We were never young, right? Besides, it'll never happen to THEM...except there are already documented accidents where this HAS happened.

I hate to harp on this, but again I think it comes to lack of respect for authority. And who is supposed to teach that respect? The parents, right? Except that some parents want to be their kids' buddies instead of role models.

Just something to think about. And shake your head over.


So onward.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. Ride in comfort, not in the trunk.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2007-01-04 14:15:41 -
Be careful today, and yes, get a nap.


Bob - 2007-01-05 05:31:57 -
I hate to say it, but these are the children of the 60's/70's darlings who decided authority was bad because of Vietnam ... problem is, they tossed out *everything*. End result? Children and grandchildren who have been raised on feel-good theories instead of being taught discipline, respect, and responsibility.


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