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2007-01-25 - 11:39 a.m.

Well, whaddaya know! I now have Mark Evanier's respect! And all I did was this:

Gee, mentions in Mark's and Len Wein's blogs have me positively giddy. Especially Mark's. I tell ya, this guy has written some of my favorite comic stories ever - the entire series of DNAgents and Crossfire. Not to mention organizing and starting the DC Challenge series.

Then there's his TV writing. Boy, if I had a series in development, Mark would be my first choice. The guy is so good, it's just amazing.

(Can I stop now, Mark? I can't keep typing this stuff - it's making me sick!)


Kick-back time again, folks. Here in the Too Old household, the laundry is starting to pile up. One of my shirts actually got up, went into the bathroom, and tried to flush himself down the toilet. He left a note saying he couldn't take being in the pile anymore.

Okay, fine. I'm now doing laundry. Happy now?

But that means I can watch TV and/or movies while the laundry cooks. Okay by me.

I have a laundry question for all my readers: I have a few dark red washcloths. Is it safe to wash them with my dark blue workshirts if I wash them in cold water? No bleach, of course. But I don't want the colors to bleed. Of course, the optimal solution is to wash them separately...but that's $1.00 for three lousy washcloths.

I await your answers. Thank you.


Every once in awhile, I go on a cleaning kick. I dust, vacuum, etc. (Not too often - I AM a guy, after all...we live in our own clutter). But it kinda feels like I may do that tonight.

Maybe I'll just lie down till the feeling goes away.


Roomie Charlie sent me a note in reference to yesterday's "strike that, reverse it" joke. He showed me an HTML tag I didn't know about - the STRIKE tag. An example:

One of my favorite foods is haggis pizza.

Good deal. I'm always willing to learn new HTML tags. Thanks, buddy!


So. Laundry day. Maybe I'll order a haggis pizza.

Be seeing you.


4 comments so far

Brin - 2007-01-25 15:01:34 -
If you want to test them to see if they're colorfast, put them in warm/hot water (in the sink) with a little of your laundry soap (pinch). If they water doesn't morph, you should be able to throw them into the machine with your darks.


Dave - 2007-01-25 21:04:38 -
I did that, and it worked! The only problem do you do a pinch of liquid detergent??


Brin - 2007-01-26 01:18:26 -
Well, you were there and I was not, so you're the one who knows how it worked. :-P


cardiogirl - 2007-01-26 06:08:27 -
You should be fine washing the red washcloths with the dark blue shirts. However, if you want to be absolutely sure, get yourself a package of dye magnets at the grocery store. They are found in the aisle with all of the laundry detergent. The ones I have used are made by Shout and they are pieces of fabric (about 15 to a box) that will suck up the excess dye so nothing ruins the other clothes. They work GREAT! They kind of look like a dryer sheet but they are thicker. Good luck!


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