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2007-01-30 - 11:51 a.m.

Well, now. For the first time in the last few days, I woke up WITHOUT clogged sinuses. I can actually breathe through my nose.

I may be getting on the other side of this, which is a Good Thing - I don't want Brin to catch anything when she's down here.


Now, my Cable Experience.

Remember yesterday, when I found out that I was paying $5.50/month for a digital cable box and remote and I didn't have digital cable and had no plans on getting it?

I called Time Warner and asked them to come and get it. The guy on the phone said, "Sure - there's a $29.95 trip charge, though."

I was (understandably) outraged. I would have to PAY to have them take something that they TOLD me I needed but DIDN'T use??

I explained that I didn't have digital cable, wasn't GOING to have it, and therefore didn't need the box.

"Well, the box is for more than digital cable. You can also use it to order pay-per-view, and get HBO and pay channels."

Now, I admit it - I used to be into wrestling when it was WWF. This was in the 80s, with Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, et al. I had co-workers that were also into it, and we'd rotate the "special events" at our respective houses (I'd host Royal Rumble, Don would host SummerSlam, etc.). We'd chip in for the PPV cost and bring food. Well, I don't do that anymore, and I watch enough TV as it is.

I told the guy on the phone that I wasn't going to need it. "Well, I'm sorry, but we have to do the trip charge."

Then I had an inspiration - I asked if I could take it to one of their offices.

Pause. "Sure, you could do that - I was just about to suggest that."

Sure. Right. Let me get my hip boots.

So last night I unplugged the cable box and re-wired the cable and sound system. Everything works...and the 3 1/2 second delay I talked about here is now GONE. I shoulda done this a long time ago.

Rest assured - when I move my furniture into a new configuration, I'm not gonna pay $30 to have them come down and drill new holes. I'll just get some extra cable and zip ties and string it along the ceiling.



And, of course:

It's tomorrow, gang! Get your gorilla suit cleaned and pressed!


Well, I have to get the cable box to their office before they charge me another $30.

Be seeing you.


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