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Fire On The Mountain

2007-02-02 - 11:31 a.m.

Happy Groundhog Day, all.

On that note: Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring.

I'm waiting for the Global Warming crowd to say it's due to global warming.

And the Democrats to blame it on President Bush.


Well, Brin and I survived Disneyland...but not without a few (mental) scars.

Once we made it inside the park, we went to get the Bank Of Main Street to get our permanent annual passes...and saw someone dressed as Cruella DeVille. Scary, gang.

Next stop was the River Belle Restaurant for breakfast and some of the best breakfast potatoes I've ever had, spiced just right. We then headed to Pirates Of The Carribean (her hubby John had asked for a report about the "updating" that had been done, adding thematic elements from the film). They thankfully kept it down to a minimum, just a few animatronic Jack Sparrow figures and a pretty nifty hologram of Davy Jones.

After Astro Blasters and Star Tours (and a little bit of shopping), we did the train loop at Brin's request. I think she needed to rest her feet. With all the walking I've been doing, I was in better shape. But she needed to rest a bit, and hey - with the annual pass, I could come back anytime.

We then made the trek to California Adventure for Soarin' Over California. After that, I wanted to do the Monsters Inc. attraction, and when we went there we had a nice surprise - Muppet 3D was still in place, and still running! It had been closed when Monsters Inc was being announced, so we had figured that it was going to be REPLACED. So Muppet monsters first, then Monsters. (I hope that made sense to you all.)

Brin doesn't like rollercoasters (I'm working on that, believe me), so I went on California Screamin' alone. The Gary Hoey soundtrack had been replaced with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which was okay. Disney is doing a "rockin' " promotion with RHCP, and this was the CA version of it.

We did Soarin' again (I think Brin just wanted to see this guy again - he does the intro film for Soarin'), and then went back to the main park so I could do Space Mountain.

This is where it gets bad. Space Mountain has been redone for this "rockin' " promotion. Remember when I mentioned that the Pirates upgrade had been restrained and not too in-your-face? Well, they saved the in-your-face for Space Mountain.

Firstly, it's now Rockin' Space Mountain, with a new marquee. Everything is the same through the line. It's once you're seated and on your way that the nightmare begins. The music has been replaced with an intro by Uncle Joe Benson, a local DJ. The music is by RHCP. That would have been okay.

But they replaced all the interior graphics. It's now no longer a ride through "space". They have laser images of people dancing to the music, colored lights, that "triangle" scaffolding that lights are mounted to for live performances, and shit like that. It's now a ride through a friggin' rock concert. The coaster itself is the same, but the interior - even the large orange globe - is GONE.

I hate it, as if you couldn't tell. They took a classic and ruined it. I think they tried to make it more "hip for the young people" but they just ruined it for me.

After I got out and bitched about it to Brin, we did the Haunted Mansion and I went on Indiana Jones alone. Then we grabbed a Jamba Juice at Downtown Disney and headed back to the parking lot.

There is a bright spot on the horizon - this "rockin' " promotion is scheduled to end in late April. Can't some too soon for me.


In the You Gotta Be Kidding Dept.:

I saw this sign prominently posted in the bathrooms:

Some people need help with EVERYTHING. What's next? A sign over the urinals?

  1. Unzip your fly.
  2. Remove penis.
  3. Urinate into bowl (please make sure you are standing close enough).
  4. Flush when done.
  5. Return penis to pants and zip up your fly.
  6. See sign above sink for handwashing instructions.

You just wait. It'll happen.


The shower is free. I need to get in while I can.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Requiel - 2007-02-02 16:33:22 -
Ugh, that sucks. We are going in two weeks, I guess I can skip Space Mtn.


Rosietoes - 2007-02-03 18:05:21 -
Brin said that it is your Birthday today, so Happy Birthday!


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