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Happy Birthday To You

2007-02-05 - 10:32 a.m.

First off, yes - Saturday was my birthday. I made it to 41.

My usual tradition on my birthday is to go to Disneyland. So I went again with Brin, even though we had just been there a couple days before.

When you go on your birthday, you can get a button that proclaims you to be a Birthday Person. When you wear this, the employees (or Cast Members) wish you happy birthday. Regular customers do that, too. It's nice - there's suddenly even more goodwill than there usually is. You know me - I'll talk to ANYBODY. So I also got to interact with other birthday folk, including several who were one-fourth to one-eighth my age.

Doesn't matter. I felt like a big kid...which I am, in a lot of ways.

A side note: I heard about three guys yelling "yo ho" a few times. What I thought was some cast members dressed for Pirates Of The Carribean turned out to be three teenagers trying to get a girl's attention.


The "interesting" thing happened that night.

When Brin visits, I usually let her have the bed while I take the armchair. On weekends, I get the bed - after all, I have the band gigs and getting to work early in the mornings. Well, we went to our respective corners at about 1am. About four hours later, I woke up in extreme gastric discomfort. Somehow, I had swallowed a great deal of air as I slept - possibly due to the CPAP and my sleeping position.

So I worked my way out of the covers, got out of bed, took two steps to the door, and (there's no easy way to say this) burped. And this wasn't an ordinary one. This one lasted about ten seconds. Ten continuous seconds.

And it was loud...and I mean loud. This was one that a college frat would have applauded. I would have been very surprised if it didn't register on the Richter scale.

Here's the "impressive" part. When Brin sleeps out in the living room, she has radio headphones on and a blindfold. She was in the room in about ten seconds, wanting to know what had caused the explosion. As she knocked and came in, I let loose with ANOTHER big long burp and a huge sigh of relief. After she said it was nice to see me too, she asked what had happened. Once I explained, she stayed up with me for about fifteen minutes until I was ready to go back to sleep.

I then dinked out again until I needed to get to work.


Then came Sunday.

I admit it, I was rooting for Da Bears (I'm a sucker for the underdog). After that was over, I needed to go back to work for a bit, and then Brin helped me with laundry while we watched some of this. It was nice to see the cast members in the "rememberence" sections. Some look EXACTLY the same as they did 30 years ago.

I can only HOPE I age that well.


Well, Brin will be working in Bob's studio while I'm at work, and we plan to grab some lunch beforehand. So I need to get into the shower whilst I can.

Be seeing you.


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