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2007-02-14 - 2:00 p.m.

Hi, gang. Dave here, back at the powered switch. Thanks to Brin for posting and letting you all know that I was alive and well.

I rolled out of bed at about 11:30. I turned off my CPAP, and headed to the bathroom for my "morning constitutional". Sometime during my trip between my room and the bathroom, the power went off. I didn't realize it at the time - it was bright outside and the window was open.

After I'd (ahem) lost a couple pounds, I went to the sink to brush my teeth. I turned the light on...nothing. I figured the bulb was out. I get my screwdriver and a new bulb, and stop into the bedroom to fire up the computer...and nothing.

No power in bedroom or bathroom. Next logical assumption: the breakers. But they were fine. I check the rest of the apartment - no power at all.

Next logical assumption: there had been an accident and someone had hit a transformer. But when I went to get the paper, I noticed that the porch light to the downstairs neighbor was still on. So I checked the meter, and there it was - a termination-of-service tag.

This was a shock to me, because I had paid for my part of the bill just two weeks prior. Since the power is in my roommate's name, I knocked on his door with the news. He got on the phone with the power company, and found that the payment hadn't gone through for some reason. It may have been his bank - between the rent check, the utilities, and two deposits, the timing might have been wonked. He could have checked online...if we had power.

So he made a payment with a credit card, and was told the turn-back-on crew left their base at 1pm. The power would be back on within about five hours.

I called Brin to let her know I wouldn't be online, and asked that she post here to let my Faithful Readers know that I was still alive and not to worry. She willingly did so. (Thanks again, Brinster!)

The power wound up being turned back on at about 2:25...right as I was getting ready for work. So I dashed through and reset everything and headed off to work.


Today - probably due to the fact that NYPD Blue was running a marathon on TNT and it was a great sequence of episodes - I slept until about 12:45. Hence the late post today. I'm sorry if I worried you. I'll try to do better.


In the Irony? What's That? Dept.:

A congressional committee hearing on global warming was cancelled because there's a severe snowstorm. There was a meeting on global warming in Pennsylvania that was ALSO cancelled for the same reason.

You'd think, with all the hot air in Washington...


Well, time to get ready for work.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-02-15 02:18:07 -
Hey! All those people who are freezing are going to give the impression that they don't believe in Global Warming if they don't hurry up and thaw!


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