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Oops, I Did It Again

2007-03-07 - 9:58 a.m.

Brin spent the better part of last night coughing her lungs out. I force-fed her a couple cough drops and helped her back into bed.

Myself, I took a Claritin-D and slept very well, thank you.


From the Oops, I Forgot Dept.:

Last time we were at the Park, we caught the current fireworks show (which is spectacular, by the way) from the little eating area next to the Penny Arcade. The rule is, you can watch the fireworks from that area if you are seated. You can't be standing in there. We had bought a couple soft pretzels and lucked into an empty table, so we stayed to watch the show.

There was a Cast Member doing traffic duty near our table. This poor guy was constantly telling people that they couldn't stand in the dining area, even if they DID have kids and/or strollers. He only caught crap from a couple people; most moved on without argument.

Afterward, I went up to Ryan and told him what a great job he did and that, since I worked at a family entertainment center myself, I understood how he felt. He was grateful for the compliment. I think I made his night.

I also asked what would have happened if someone refused to move. His answer - security would be called and the offender escorted out...even if they have an annual pass. Those passes can be revoked at any time, with no refund.

So if you have one, you STILL have to follow the rules.


Bill Maher is backpedaling, and fast. He says he never wished Vice President Cheney dead.

As I said way back here, the offices should still command a certain amount of respect. You don't have to like the person - they could be absolutely repellant - but wishing them dead crosses a line.

But again, that's what a lot of people have fought and died for...the right of free expression. And the right to react TO that expression.


Roommate Charlie sent me this.

I can tell the difference - one is FAR more entertaining than the other.

Same goes for this.


Time to get food.

Be seeing you.


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