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2007-03-15 - 1:22 p.m.

Well, Diaryland is finally up again. What happened is truly stunning - the domain name EXPIRED. Andrew, the Big Cheese here at Diaryland, forgot to renew the name, so it expired. And, of course, hilarity ensued.

But now we're back up. But boy it was scary for awhile.


We got a new game at Camelot. It's called Jumpin' Jackpot. It's a virtual jump-rope game.

No, I'm not kidding. Here's another site with a picture.

Looks very interesting. Unfortunately, it arrived too late for me to set it up completely. I guess I'll see it in all its glory on Saturday.


Ann Coulter continues to be controversial. In this article, she discusses the conditions at Walter Reed. Seems that rats are a problem all over Washington - and she doesn't mean the ones that were elected:

On "ABC News" last year, a CBS radio reporter described a rat jumping off the camera in the White House press briefing room in the middle of a press conference...The Washington Post called the White House press room -- located between the residence and the Oval Office -- "a broken-down, rat-infested fire trap."

So why aren't the cleaning people fired for not doing their jobs? Because they are government employees, and they can't be fired.


In the Seen Elsewhere Dept.:

Hud has a link to this cool game. It's part of a genre called "Room Escape", which is what it sounds like: you are in a room, and you must find objects that will let you out.

This particular one is called Sphere. My advice: look everywhere. If you can pick it up, it's important. Check all the walls.

Oh, and the one door in the room is NOT the exit. But you WILL need to get in there.

(If you thought Sphere was easy, go here to find a bunch of other Room Escape puzzles, including one where you have to get out in 10 seconds. Good luck.)


I have a dentist appointment today. That, and the other items, lead to today's title. It was one of the last hits for the Jacksons - I remember that Michael refused to be in the video, so they used a mannequin. It probably sang better, anyway.


Off to the dentist. Oh joy.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-03-15 18:38:16 -
it's still messing up here, so hang in there.


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