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2007-03-27 - 1:03 p.m.

Oh boy, did I have a day yesterday.

First, the dentist. My gums are healing, but still swollen. I'll have to go in for deeper cleaning, and they'll shoot me full of novocain for that.

The good part was the filling replacement. No, that's not a typo. My dentist had to remove the old composite filling (which he had installed in 1993 to replace a silver filling) and put a new one in. Despite what some of you all may think, dentistry has had some technological advances. My dentist now uses a laser instead of a drill. He was able to remove the old filling in about three minutes...and I didn't need to be numbed up. It was almost completely pain-free; there were just a few twinges as he got close to the nerve. But those were minor, honest. The only oddity to this was that there's an occasional burning smell - that burnt-hair stench. But that was only for a second or two. (I was reminded of Bill Cosby's dentist bit: "Smobke! Fi-brrr!") The composite is a putty-like substance that gets packed into the hole and then heat-hardened. The only time he used the drill was to shape the hardened filling.

The whole filling-part took less than 15 minutes. And, except for the minor twinges mentioned, completely painless. I had brought a CD player with me, because I thought this would be awhile. I was wrong.

Since I hadn't been able to grab a bite till then, I asked him when I could eat with this thing. He said, "Now." I said, "Okay, but I'll tell ya what - I'll wait till I'm out of your office." He laughed appreciatively, and that was that.

I grabbed lunch at Chevy's and then headed in to work.


At work, I found out that one of the employees from my shift had school that day, and would be there until about 8pm. Since my other employee was under 18, she couldn't stay past 10. No problem, I thought - at least I'd have help for closing. And I'd already eaten, so it wasn't like I couldn't wait for a meal break until he got there.

Employee #3 still hadn't shown by 8:45. I called, and found out that he'd be there till at least 10:30. We close at 11. I told him not to bother.

So I wound up closing up alone, including cleaning both bathrooms. I didn't get out till almost midnight.

THEN I got my meal break.


During my shift, I got some news from Michael, the roommate-to-be. A couple days after he flew back to Florida to prep for the move, he contracted Hepititis A. He's gonna need a few months to heal up, and subsequently told me that I'd better find another roommate. I dropped him a line back and let him know that I absolutely understand, and I'm not angry. And I'm not - contracting Hepititis A just to get me upset seems a little extreme.

So the roommate merry-go-round beings anew.

[Sam Beckett]
Oh boy!
[/Sam Beckett]


So it was a Day yesterday.

Let's hope things are a little calmer today.

Be seeing you.


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