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2007-04-02 - 11:50 a.m.

In the Bob News Dept.:

Went with Dave Kern to visit Bob in the hospital. Boy, he was glad to see us. He told me that the only people he'd really wanted to see were immediate family, his grandchildren, and the band. That made me feel a little better, since that meant we weren't intruding.

We stayed for about an hour. During the whole time, Bob was cheerful, animated, and articulate...despite the fact that he was in what Bill Engvall calls "Vicodin-land" ("You could take Vicodin, step out of the house, onto a freeway, have a truck hit you, and you'd say 'My bad!' "). He had gotten a report card from some bar customers, and we had passed with flying colors. He was pleased and proud of us.

We also got more info about the surgery. The artery in his leg is 80% blocked. Today, they are going to see if they can fix it using angioplasty instead of a bypass. If they can, the amputation happens Tuesday. Oh, and he's only looking at losing the little toe on his left foot...and possibly the "ring" toe also.

His daughter said losing two toes would be terrible. Bob replied that eight was his lucky number.

I told him that, if he suddenly got out of bed and said "April Fool", I was going to kill him. He roared.

I think he's gonna be okay.


Now, from the personal to the political.

The Democrats want to let the President's tax cuts expire. Which, according to the President, would amount to a $400 million tax increase.

Now, before you get into the mantra of "the rich need to pay their fair share", think about this: according to government figures from the "Projected Share of Individual Income Taxes and Income in 2005", the top 5% earned 31% of all income in 2005...and they paid 54.1% of all taxes. Seems to me like they pay more than their share already.

There's a whole explanation about it on Neal Boortz' site here that does a far better job than I could. Read it, please. It's pretty eye-opening.


Today's title, a classic Beatles track written by George Harrison, fits well...considering we've talked about toes and politicians.

Think about it.


Brin, God love her, found a new copy of the platinum DVD of this movie at a shockingly reasonable price (I had seen new copies going for over $100). It should be here today.

I think I'll stop by the post office and check.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2007-04-02 14:56:56 -
Actually, in the interest of saving an enormous amount of confusion on the part of the seller, I left my payment settings as they usually are, and I have it here. But I promise it will arrive soon. :-)


Dave - 2007-04-02 15:05:31 -
Then I'll stay here, at least until I go to work. Hmmmm...where'z the remote...


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