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Whatcha Gonna Do?

2007-04-05 - 11:34 a.m.

Brin is here once again.

We had had a very busy day at my work, and there had been the move-out and all. I was wiped out. She took one look at me and gave me an order.

So, after South Park's Special Easter Episode, I got to sleep in the bed until I woke, and she took the armchair. About ten hours later, my body said I'd had enough rest.

I feel much better today.


Still no word about Bob. But I'm going to take the no-news-is-good-news attitude. After all, if something serious HAD happened, someone would have told me.

So tomorrow night I'm calling the shots again.


Al Gore got an earful from some students at Concordia University:

MONTREAL (CUP) - Concordia president Claude Lajeunesse was booed as he took the stage to give Al Gore an honorary doctorate from the university on March 22.
The brainchild of Concordia Student Union president Khaleed Juma, the doctorate was presented while the crowd, present to listen to speeches from Gore and David Suzuki, filed out the exits after the question and answer period with Gore was cancelled.
The talk took place in the cadre of Less Talk, More Action: A Youth Action Summit on Climate Change, organized by Youth Action Montreal members and Concordia University students Peter Schiefke and Mohamed Shuriye.
Gore and Suzuki's message was clear: The world is in imminent danger if we continue our current habits and don't change towards a more eco-friendly society.
The former U.S. vice-president's speech was effectively his Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth with updated statistics, and presented by an angrier, fist-shaking Gore.
His presentation was halted at least twice as opponents to his agenda began to shout out.
They called him a liar and a villain, and screamed, "What about your swimming pools?" in regards to recent allegations that the monthly electricity bill of Gore's estate rivalled a year's bill for the average American home.
This led Gore to joke, "I don't even know if you guys are left- or right-wing".
Suzuki also made a 45-minute speech on the topic du jour. The speech was punctuated by numerous bouts of applause from a rather enthusiastic audience.
He espoused that the media should play a more central role in the way it informs the public, saying, "Over half of all Nobel Prize winners are telling us we could have as little as 10 years to avoid a catastrophe and this is pronounced by our media as 'not newsworthy'.

Actually, what seems to be "not newsworthy" is all the dissenting views.

What's it gonna take?


From the Who Cares About YOU Dept.:

A man is Sacremento has been arrested for trying to stop a car thief...with a rifle.

I understand the concept of not risking your life for "stuff". But geez, when are you allowed to defend what you worked hard to earn? In England, you're not allowed to stop people from robbing your home. You can only let them do it.

What's it gonna take?


As Brin mentioned here, Bob Clark and his son were killed in a car accident, evidently by an illegal alien who was DUI (or DWI or OUI, depending on what part of the country you're in).

My guess is, more will be made of the drunkenness than his illegal status.

What's it gonna take?


Food, a little shopping, and then work.

Be seeing you.


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