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Happy Happy Birthday Baby

2007-04-09 - 12:27 p.m.

Well, the Disney weekend for Brin's birthday was pretty crazy.

We started out on Saturday. We knew it would be crowded - after all, it's Spring Break and Easter weekend. But even Brin wasn't prepared for the crowds. When we got there at one PM, the FastPass delay was about six hours - which means, when you get a FastPass, you come back to the ride six hours later. Usually it's only an hour or two. By three, all the FastPass kiosks for all the rides were empty...and all the lines were at least 30 minutes long, even for Monsters Inc.

We're not talking crowds, we're talking CROWDS.

The hour-long line for Tower Of Terror (Brin wanted to ride it, and I was going to be her support - or at least an arm to put into a death-grip) pretty much sapped her reserves. Although it was cool outside, the number of people and the way the line was formatted caused a temperature spike...which plays havoc with her lupus. We think she may have had a slight flare-up. After Tower (which she grudgingly admitted she liked, but probably wouldn't ride again) we tried Monsters Inc. But the line went through a section of patio that we'd never even knew was there. It was - to put it mildly - a monster.

So instead we hiked over to Casa Del Zocalo in the main Park for dinner. I was determined to introduce her to one of my favorite restaurants in Disneyland, and once again they didn't disappoint. We both had the carne asada and enchiladas platter, and we both loved it.

We had a brief discussion on what to do next. We decided to do a complete circuit on the train and rest our feet a bit, and then do some shopping. We passed the line for Pirates. Hoo boy - they had the portable barricades out, and the line stretched for what would have been at least 45 minutes...and that was outside the entrance to the plaza for the ride. Even at the train station in New Orleans Square, we had to wait for two trains before we were able to board. So we did a circuit-and-a-half, and got off at Tomorrowland.

Minor gripe here: The train passengers were told several times - by the recording and by the conductors - that flash photography was NOT allowed during the Grand Canyon diorama. We had several people who obviously felt that rules were for Other People, and kept snapping away...including a bimbo in OUR car, not three feet from us. The flash would go off, the conductor would say "no flash pictures", and they'd go off AGAIN. I hope they enjoyed their reflections in the glass, because that's all they're gonna get. I also found out several years ago that flash pictures really screws up the optical switches that the animatronics use. How would you like to have the whole ride just stop because you just HAD to have that shot of the Black Widow? Right. That's what I thought.

After we did our shopping, we both decided that we'd had it. The World was there with us, and there was just no way we were going to handle it. So, we headed back home, nuked a pizza, and broke the seal on my DVD copy of Peter Pan, which I had never seen before and Brin hadn't seen for years.

It was a good, quiet way to end a crazy, loud day.


Then, Sunday. After I got home from work, we decided to head back. Yes, we are crazy. But our logic was that a lot of folks would stay home and be with family, and therefore the Park wouldn't be as crowded. And we were right.

We did Soarin', Muppets, and Monsters Inc. before we got a good spot to see the Main Street Electrical Parade. I had never seen it before (I'm not a fan of parades - long story there), but this one was very nice.

It ended at about 9:20, and the fireworks show at the main Park was about to start. We headed towards the exit, hoping to at least be able to see SOME of it. After some minor delays (gripe: why is it that some folks have to stop in the MIDDLE of a main walkway to decide what to do next, instead of stepping off TO THE SIDE??), we got out of California Adventure and into the central plaza area. We dodged around MORE people who stopped to decide what to do next ([email protected]#$%^&). Brin spotted an entrance line into Disneyland that 1) didn't have many strollers and 2) was moving VERY quickly. We took it, got in, and stood near the train station and got to see most of the show.

We decided to head to Astro Blasters, so we took the right-hand sidewalk on Main Street. It turned out to be a wise move. Once the fireworks were over, a lot of folks decided to leave. The entire street was filled with people, all headed south...towards the exit.

You've heard the term "sea of humanity"? This was it.

We got to do our usual rides - Astro Blasters, Pirates, Mansion, Star Tours - and I rode Big Thunder while Brin sat out (she told me she'd used all her "brave points" this trip on Tower Of Terror). We stopped off at the candy store and then headed home.

Disneyland can be a fun and wonderful place to spend time. But it struck me that it would be pretty spooky if it were completely empty, at night.

Cartman would probably love it.


Re the Imus flap:

Did Imus say anything that isn't already said on the mainstream airwaves by rap artists?

If not, then Sharpton should shut the fuck up.

Besides, if Sharpton has such a problem with racial insults, why is he still hanging out with Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson?

Oh, right - you can't be a racist unless you're white.


Finally, Johnny Hart - creator of the comics B.C. and Wizard Of Id - passed away at the age of 76.

I've enjoyed B.C. for years, and still read it daily online. He will be missed.


We're going to grab some lunch before I head to work.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

Brin - 2007-04-09 15:57:31 -
Smedly Dedly, the point is, Imus said something stupid and has apologized for it. If we are supposed to accept the apology by Ray Nagin for his extremely stupid and racist 'Chocolate City' remarks, then I think it should apply to Imus, also. If Al Shaprton is still best buds with The Revrunt Jacksnnn,then I am forced to ponder who the 'nappy headed ho' really is.


Smed - 2007-04-09 19:36:32 -
If you have the kids I have, then it's quite offensive. AND, that was not much of an apology. "I've gotten away with it for 30 years" don't wash in my book. Calling out SPECIFIC people isn't good enough for just a simple apology. I'm not forced to accept ANYONE'S apology. I never said I was cool with Nagin. Don't paint that broad brush, please.


Smed - 2007-04-09 15:51:45 -
Big big big huge huge huge difference. Imus was directly calling out specific people, and in a totally inappropriate manner. Yes, some rappers have issues with denigration of women, but not specific women (unless it's a 'feud'). Imus was totally in the wrong. I'm sorry if some of the players on Rutgers' team don't correspond to his idea of femininity, but they can play the game.


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