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2007-04-11 - 11:09 a.m.

Talked with Bob yesterday.

He says the only thing that's stopping him from being at the gig Friday night is the fact that he can't wear a shoe on his left foot. He plans to be there on the 20th.

Boy, I hope he's healing as fast as he says he is. There's no way we can carry him to his car.


Dr. Mike Adams, one of my favorite columnists, gives his opinion on the Imus flap. Always thought-provoking.


We're on track for the coldest April ever.

Boy, that global warming better hurry the fuck up.


Brin and I are kicking back here today. No plans to head out to eat, or anything else.

At least, until I head for work.

Tomorrow she goes home...and I'll see Bob face-to-face for the first time since the hospital visit.

Till tomorrow, well. Be safe. Be happy.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Smed - 2007-04-11 19:54:25 -
You may want to read Michael Wilbon's take on Imus. It's pretty damning regarding his history. You may need to register.


Smed - 2007-04-11 20:06:17 -
Oh, and yes Sharpton has spoken out against rap artists and called for a boycott and a moratorium. Of course, that doesn't get the press because it's not sensational and doesn't press the agenda that some people have for him (or against him). So don't just dismiss it as "News to me" - do research.

From Jemele Hill's ESPN column:
"Last week, Sharpton and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons held a public protest against rapper Tony Yayo -- who is associated with 50 Cent -- for his alleged assault of the 14-year-old son of a rival record company executive. Sharpton even called for a 90-day, FCC-mandated ban on all gangsta music.


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