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2007-05-08 - 11:22 a.m.

I'm going to give in and do a little Paris Hilton news. Sorry.

Was listening to Frosty, Heidi, and Frank yesterday on the way to work. They were talking about the Paris-Hilton-going-to-jail story. A woman claiming to be a guard at the facility Paris is scheduled to go to called in with some information. According to the caller:

  • Paris will be in isolation (for her own safety, not because of her money)
  • She'll be allowed out for an hour a day for exercise, but she'll be alone
  • It's a felony for guards to take pictures of the inmates (this in response to a comment by Frank that a picture of Hilton on the toilet would be worth $1M to the National Enquirer)

Now, it's entirely possible that this stint in jail will help Hilton get her head screwed on straight. But then again, maybe not:

LOS ANGELES (AP) Paris Hilton's lawyers have taken the first step to appeal her 45-day jail sentence.

The 26-year-old socialite was ordered by a judge Friday to report to a county jail by June 5 for violating the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

Hilton's lawyers have filed a notice with the court indicating their intent to appeal. The document is required before a formal appeal can be lodged.

The hotel heiress, who parlayed her party lifestyle into worldwide fame, said she believes the sentence was unfair.

"I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted and I don't deserve this," Hilton told photographers assembled outside her home Saturday.

Punishment for violation of parole is "cruel and unwarranted". This girl is another Leona Helmsley in the making (remember Helmsley, she of the "only the little people pay taxes").

Oh, and then there's this from Boortz' blog:

Now for the pathetic part ... as if Paris Hilton isn't pathetic enough.

Joshua Capone, a Paris Hilton fan, has written a letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking him to step in and keep Paris Hilton out of jail. Get ready to lose your last meal, because I want to share with you a line from Joshua's letter:

"She provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives."

And you think our culture of celebrity worship isn't a problem.

Well, sure. After all, there are all those journalists sitting on their asses now that the Anna Nicole Smith flap has ended.


And now, some good news (at least for me):

Brooke McEldowney is announcing the return of Pibgorn on May 14! Pib's new home will be (you can catch many newspaper strips there, too!).

Also, just so you all know: McEldowney had just started a new story when he ended his relationship with He is going to start that story from the beginning, so everyone can get caught up.

If you haven't checked out Pib's adventures, please do. McEldowney is also the author of the excellent 9 Chickweed Lane (link at left) if you're familiar with that comic, you'll know how good Pibgorn is.

You can also buy the first Pibgorn graphic novel - entitled "Pibgorn - The Girl In The Coffee Cup" - which has the original 20 b&w strips and the continuation in color. It's not in stores; you must order from Pib Press. There's a link on the 9 Chickweed Lane page.


Brin will be here tomorrow. Hilarity will ensue, especially if her computer isn't fixed.

Got more tidying to do.

Be seeing you.


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