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2007-05-18 - 11:20 a.m.

After a little bit of time at the Park, Brin and I finished our studio work with Bob. As a token of his gratitude for all the studio work she's done since December, Bob presented her with a Fender acoustic guitar that she had admired over the last few months.

We'll figure out a way to get it to SF that doesn't involve airlines.


We got home from the studio in time to watch the replay of the Angels-Mariners game.

Three times during the broadcast, FSN Prime Ticket made an announcement along the lines of "Due to time constraints, we rejoin the game at a later point".

Translation: "Nothing exciting happened, so we're skipping ahead a couple innings".

Well, at least we saw the ending: the Angels won, 7-3.

Oh, and the Ducks won, evening their series against the Detroit Red Wings at 2-2.

It was a good sports day in Anaheim.


A terminal at LAX was evacuated when a suspicious pipe-like object was found in a checked bag. Turns out the passenger was a manager of a company that manufacturs sprinklers, and it was a telescoping sprinkler pipe.

This was the second evacuation at LAX in two days; on Wednesdy some replica mortar shells were found in a carry-on bag. They had been purchased at a novelty shop and had no explosives in them.

Well, our security guys seem to be doing their job. Remember - no matter how obvious it is to you that the item is harmless, it may not be obvious to someone else...especially a security type.


Today's title is from Frank Zappa...please don't read anything weird into it.



Laundry today...after lunch.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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