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2007-06-06 - 12:48 p.m.

Was up all night again, watching the four eps of NYPD Blue on TNT.

Andy found out who was harassing him. Bale unwound just a bit to help Andy fix the problem, although he later raked Andy over the coals for deliberately disobeying an order by continuing his personal investigation.

Junior's bingeing cost a case, which Junior blew off as no big deal. Then, Andy got a call that Junior was at a bar and too drunk to drive. Andy went to the bar, grabbed Junior's keys, and told him to get a cab. Junior followed Andy outside...where someone shot at the two of them. Andy was wounded. The shooter turned out to be someone Junior pissed off during one of his binges. The other squad members started treating Junior like he had the plague. Junior starts trying to mend fences, but Andy isn't having much of that. In the last ep of this set of four, Andy gets a visitation from his old partner Bobby Simone (Jimmy Smits came back in a great cameo), who advises Andy to be a teacher to four kids - Andy's three and Junior.

Next Tuesday the series continues. I wish they'd get the damn DVD sets out already.


Roommate Jim's Saturday cooking experiment went well. He plans to do it again soon.

Based on our schedules, we don't see too much of each other. It works out, though - we both work on keeping the community areas clean.


Today, the Ducks go for the Stanley Cup. They have to win one more. The game is here in Anaheim. Hopefully the celebration will be over by the time I wend my way home tonight.

And right now, the Angels are playing the Twins in the last game of this home stand.

So I'm going to end this here and go watch the game before I have to go to work.

But Animal has one final comment:

Can't top that.

Be seeing you.


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Brin - 2007-06-06 23:22:33 -


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