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Disco Duck

2007-06-07 - 12:11 p.m.

Well, the Ducks brought it home. The Stanley Cup is in Southern California for the first time, ever. Not even the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, could bring it during his tenure with the Los Angeles Kings.

Well done, gentlemen. You now have a few months off to relax.

The rest of us are dancing in the streets.


Right now, Brin and I are having a discussion about Paris Hilton getting released from jail after only three days.

She believes that part of the reason is that, with all the people trying to get pictures and such, Paris' presence is disrubting the routine of the jail and disturbing the other inmates. If that's the case, I think those trying to get in should get their wish: arrest them. Trespassing is still against the law, isn't it?

And of course, part of it is the huge demand for this crap. Tabloids and paparazzi feed this need. If the need wasn't there, they'd find another use for their bottom feeding talents.

They'd probably become Hollywood agents.


In the I See Dumb People Dept. and the Seen Elsewhere Dept.:

Over in Hud's blog is this little bit of lunacy.

My own comment is in there.


The Quote Of The Day, from Boortz:

This from Fox News Channel boss Roger Ailes, commenting on the Democrat candidates who refuse to participate in debates televised by Fox News:

"The candidates that can't face Fox News can't face Al Qaeda."

Candidates tend to only want to take "soft" debates - easy, known-in-advance questions. If they can't stand up and defend their positions to a media channel that they think is biased against them, what the bloody hell makes them think they can deal with al-Qaeda?

(And before you start screaming that Fox News is biased, think about this: the news REPORTING on Fox has been determined to be "centrist". NOT the commentators, like O'Reilly. That's COMMENTARY, not NEWS REPORTING. There's a difference.)


Well, I need to get some laundry done.

On with the day.

Be seeing you.


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