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2007-06-15 - 10:51 a.m.

Work on the bowling games continues apace. We're still having a problem with one lane (due to a failed circuit board), but the others are very popular.

I printed up some signage with the prices and a few warnings - things like "don't walk on the lanes" and "please watch your children". Yes, these should be obvious. But people will send their kids down those lanes to knock down those pins, and then they will say it's OUR fault if their little darlings get hit with one of the balls.

Charlie and Ai Vy showed up and helped me out with a game problem. Our DrumManiaV game hadn't been booting up for awhile, and we couldn't figure out why...even though there was an error message right up on the screen. The reason was simple - the error message is in Japanese.

Charlie, thankfully, reads and speaks Japanese. He checked it out, mumbled to himself, and told me that it was a network link problem. I changed a setting, and it worked perfectly.

Thanks, buddy.


And now, the reason for today's song title.

Take a look at this face:

Is he:

A) German Ambassador to the United States
B) Former rock and roll star
C) Spokane, Washington serial killer
D) Announced Presidential candidate
E) CEO of Haliburton

Click on the picture for the answer.

You'll be surprised.

Oh, and please do me a teensy weensy favor: If you comment, please don't post the answer in the comments and spoil it for everyone else.

Much obliged.


Today, Brin and I are going to take a small trip to Disneyland. A fellow Diarylander is meeting us there with her family. We may - may, mind you - brave the line for the Finding Nemo submarine ride.

This'll happen after Bob Barker's last show. Godspeed, good sir.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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AquaDreamers - 2007-06-15 21:49:03 -
Glad I could help.


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