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Throwing It All Away

2007-06-19 - 12:39 p.m.

Last night I worked one of our Grad Nights. The attending school was a "magnet" school, one that draws students based on the school's academic excellence.

Remember those new bowling games we got? The ones that are less than a week old? Well, someone threw one of the balls through a display. It destroyed the overlay, the 1/4-inch thick plexi behind it, and a three-foot fluorescent light bulb behind that.

The sad part is this: up to the time I left, nobody had owned up to it.

I guess ethics isn't one of the subjects taught to the students.


Looks like Mr. Bill is heading back onto the campaign trail, this time for Hillary.

But it looks like Hillary has a problem: seems that some feminists are no longer supporting her.


And now, your Global Warming Moment Of Zen.

I found this on Neil Boortz' site. It has to do with a gentleman named Anthony Watts of Chico, California. Watts is a former TV meteorologist. Watts went out and did something Al Gore never did: he started searching for and looking at some of the 1,221 weather stations that the federal government uses to gather data on that then goes into the cries of global warming.

Now, government standards state that these temperature measuring stations should be 100 feet from buildings, not on a hot concrete service, and so forth. Makes sense, right? Turns out that these regulations aren't exactly being adhered to.

Believe it or not, Watts and his followers have found temperature measuring stations sitting right next to barrels where trash is burned. Some are sitting directly in front of air conditioning vents. Others are located near the tarmac on parking lots and at airports. Still others are found surrounded by high buildings. Believe it or not, he even found one official temperature measuring station sitting directly behind an airport ramp where it can be routinely subject to jet blast. But of course, such things would never affect these sensors...would they?

Don't believe me? Well, here are some photos from that report. More are here, but that server is getting bombarded. If you can't get in, wait for a couple days - they're installing a new server for all the traffic.

How can the data be taken seriously when it's not being collected properly?


Well, time to get on with things. I have bowling game parts to order.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2007-06-19 16:49:27 -
I once went on a date with Anthony Watts; he's an interesting man who uses his middle name for his weather work, because alas, his first name is actually Willard. How cool of him to think of doing this!


AquaDreamers - 2007-06-20 00:09:48 -

Ain't homework grand? Everyone's busy arguing that the facts favour them. Nice to see someone actually look at the facts themselves and the validity of the data. I'm curious how the rhetoric will change in the coming days.

Everyone agrees we have more vehicles, et al (polluters) than before. No argument there. However, did anyone compensate for that? Move collection meters to better locations? Are they regularly audited? Nope.


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