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2007-06-21 - 12:55 p.m.

Day off today. Plan is for a PO run, then dinner at the Mexican/Chinese buffet, and then some shopping for cooking dishes.

Found a nice recipe for an enchilada bake in the paper, and I want to try it out. Problem is, I don't have any glass baking dishes. So I'm going to try to find some nice ones today.

I actually CAN turn raw materials into food. I just can't cook them on my bare hands.


Lifted this from Boortz. If it's true, this needs to be dealt with before it spreads.

You do know what a statute of limitations is, don't you? Let's say you commit a crime. If there is a four-year statute of limitations on that crime then the state has four years in which to prosecute you. Once four years pass, you're home free. There is also a statute of limitations in civil cases. Doctors are particularly good in coaxing their state legislatures to set a rather limited statute on instances of medical malpractice. When I was practicing law in Georgia a victim had two years from the occurrence to discover the malpractice and file a suit. Governments like to set very short statutes of limitation where they may face liability ... often one year or less. Different states have differing statutes of limitation on different crimes and civil wrongs. On some crimes in some states you'll find none at all.

Now ... onward to Delaware. The Delaware House of Representatives approved a bill on Tuesday that eliminates the two-year statute of limitations for child abuse for suits for damages due to personal injuries caused by the sexual abuse of a child by an adult. Now, in Delaware, the victim of sexual abuse will have more time to sue for civil damages. The statute was two years. Under the new legislation it will be 25 years, the second longest statute of limitations in the country.

But wait! Does this new statute of limitations apply to everyone?

Durn ... I'm sure glad you asked. Turns out it doesn't! It seems that there are some very powerful private interests in Delaware that worked very hard with some state legislators to make sure that they --- or, I should say, their members --- would not be subject to the new lengthened statute of limitations. Hmmmmmm. Now just who would that be? Who would be powerful enough in a strongly Democrat state such as Delaware to get their members a pass when it comes to increasing their exposure for lawsuits that might be brought about as a result of sexually molesting a child?

Well; to be that strong in a Democrat state you might have to be a union, right? And right you are! It was a union, all right, but not just any union. It was the nation's most powerful union! Yup, you got it .... the teacher's unions!

Would any of you care to guess just what group of people out there has the highest rate of sexual abuse of children in the nation? Dr. Charol Shakesshaft of Hofstra University studied that very question.

OK ... calm down. I want to hear that giggling stop out there right this minute! You hear! This is a respected academic we're talking about here ... and a woman. So knock off the "Shakesshaft" jokes. This is a serious matter.

Are you ready to move on here? Good.

The research done by Dr. Shakesshaft disclosed that government school employees -- and that would include teachers -- have the highest rate of child sexual abuse in the nation. We assume that those statistics would have some validity in Delaware, but the Delaware legislature, bowing undoubtedly to the power of the teacher's unions, has actually exempted government school teachers from this new lengthened statute of limitations!

In other words ... if your son's karate instructor sexually abuses your little boy one day after karate class, you will have 25 years to get that lawsuit filed. But, if your child's government school teacher tries to clean your son's eraser after school one day, you had better get that lawsuit filed in two years.

Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, makes a good point here. He says that if the Delaware legislature were to pass a law that gave teachers in Catholic schools a pass on the new statute of limitations on child abuse, all unholy hell would break loose. Government school teachers? An entirely different matter.

Donohue said: ""The degree of corruption in the Delaware legislature is matched only by the selective indignation its lawmakers have for child rape. The legislators are ownedólock, stock and barrelóby the teachers unions. Teachers can grope all they want. They can rape little kids. And now they will be protected by making it harder to prosecute them."

Nice going, Delaware. You're doing a real good job of protecting government school teachers; and you're certainly paying your dues to the teacher's unions; but what about the people you represent?

Now ... for more information. Delaware State Senator Karen Peterson is the legislator that is leading the charge to protect the teachers from the consequences of their actions. Peterson is a Democrat ... and if there is a party that is owned by the teacher's unions, it would be the Democrats. Representative Greg Lavell is trying to get the exemption for government school teachers removed. Lavell is not a Democrat. He's a Republican. Just thought you would like to know.

Oh .. .and thanks to Senator Peterson for making my job so easy!

Wonder how much of this you'll hear in the news.


Still think gas companies are gouging? Look who's REALLY making money from gas sales.


Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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artgnome - 2007-06-21 17:39:55 -
what caused the Roman Empire to fail and fall? a corrupt government. the French Revolution? a corrupt government. history continues to repeat itself, doesn't it?


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