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Welcome To My Nightmare

2007-06-27 - 2:10 p.m.

Late post today. Brin and I watched the NYPD Blue eps, slept in, and then she cut my hair.

Right now, the Angels are playing a day game against Kansas City. Brin is packing, and I'm posting.

And the day starts...


The Senate voted for cloture on the immigration bill. Now they have thirty hours - that's right, only THIRTY hours - to debate all these amendments.

Your tax dollars at work, gang. And they're flowing to Mexico.


Next time you complain about how the oil companies are gouging us, remember this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Venezuela should compensate international energy companies fairly for its takeover of multibillion-dollar oil projects in the Orinoco region, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.

U.S. oil giants ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil Corp. both decided to leave the huge extra heavy oil projects after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez nationalized them as part of his socialist revolution.

"We want to see (Venezuela) meet their international commitments in terms of providing fair and just compensation in accordance with international standards, for any property that does come under government ownership," State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey told reporters at a briefing.

Venezuela Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said earlier Tuesday the two companies had decided to quit the Orinoco projects but that they still had time to negotiate the terms of their exit from the Orinoco projects.

Chavez now controls all the oil in Venezuela. Which means he can charge what he wants.

So we can either buy - at HIS price - or make do without, which lowers supply. And, based on the laws of supply and demand, the prices will go up.

Let us drill in ANWR, fer God's sake. And let us go nuclear.


At least this didn't happen in MY Orange County and Disneyland Park...


Today Brin flies back north. We're going to grab dinner, and then get her to the airport.

Be seeing you.


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